Tosoh Bioscience GmbH is part of the Tosoh Corporation, a Japanese chemical group with over 11,500 employees worldwide and annual sales of approximately 7 billion dollars. As a leading manufacturer in the field of chromatography, Tosoh Bioscience's product range includes systems for size exclusion chromatography systems (SEC/GPC), chromatography media, and (U)HPLC and method development columns. The company also offers solutions for R&D, production and other applications in the chemical and biopharmaceutical industry. One of many typical biopharmaceutical applications is the purification of therapeutic proteins. The newly launched hydroxyapatite medium Ca++Pure HA is no exception, as it is designed to purify biomolecules.

Ca++Pure HA is said to provide exceptional separation properties and unprecedented selectivity and resolution for purifying various biomolecule classes, while, at the same time, supporting the pharmaceutical industry’s efforts to reduce production costs for biological medicines. The product's main areas of application include purifying mono- and polyclonal antibodies (including IgG, IgA, IgM, antibody fragments, fusion and phosphoproteins), and isolating single- and double-stranded DNA. Ca++Pure HA boasts a dynamic binding capacity (DBC) of 55 mg mAb/mg with a five-percent breakthrough and five-minute residence time. The material is sintered at high temperatures to increase mechanical and pH stability, and to meet the requirements of industrial-scale applications. The robust properties of Ca++Pure HA offer enough flexibility that the material can be used at any stage of the process, from capture to final polishing.

Tosoh Bioscience GmbH (64347 Griesheim, Germany)