When Hanna Instruments launched the pHep (pH electronic paper) tester in 1986, it marked little short of a revolution in the world of analytics. Millions of people in all kinds of industries were suddenly able to check pH values easily and precisely at an affordable price. To this very day, this quantum leap lays the foundation for the company's deep-rooted philosophy for success - always supplying customers with practical, cost-effective solutions for their specific analytical needs. Sticking closely to this strategy has now made Hanna Instruments the world’s largest owner-run analytical measurement technology business. At LABVOLUTION 2019, the company from Woonsocket (Rhode Island) in the United States is embracing the show's headline theme - The Integrated Lab - and adding the HI10532 HALO to its series of HALO electrodes.

The latest addition to the HALO family is a Bluetooth electrode that can turn mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets into fully fledged pH meters for the food industry. The HI10532 HALO thus complements the wide range of electrodes that Hanna Instruments supplies for all manner of applications. Measurements can be taken using the edge blu tablet-based pH meter, which is compatible with all HALO electrodes, or on an iOS or Android device with the free Hanna Lab App. This means pH values and temperatures can be measured precisely wherever and whenever required without any cable clutter. High-quality features such as low-temperature glass, a conical measuring tip and a triple ceramic junction are designed to ensure the HI10532 HALO, just like other products in the portfolio, produces stable and reliable measurements for the food sector.