The vast experience and expertise that the Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group (WMFTG) has accumulated during the 60 years it has spent developing and process-engineering peristaltic pumps and the associated fluid path technologies have made it the uncontested front runner in its field. The international Group, with its HQ in Falmouth in the UK, has sold way in excess of one million pumps for almost all fields of industry. Its wide range of pumps are used to transport anything from a few microliters to as much as 100,000 liters per hour. Not only that, but WMFTG is also the only manufacturer of its kind in the world to produce its own precision tubing. The British contingent is appearing at LABVOLUTION 2019 above all to highlight its Flexicon PF7 tabletop peristaltic liquid filling machine and the Quantum peristaltic pump.

The Flexicon PF7 tabletop peristaltic liquid filling machine has been specially designed for use under GMP conditions, in areas such as biotechnology, the pharmaceutical industry and diagnostics. It is purported to reliably repeat filling procedures for volumes ranging from 0.2 to 250 ml with accuracies better than ±0.5 percent. This tabletop filling machine comes programmed with recommended filling parameters based on Flexicon’s 30 years of experience. However, users can adapt filling parameters to achieve optimum accuracy for their own application needs - up to 200 user-programmable "recipes" can be stored and password-protected for future use. A simple and powerful user interface featuring large keys and a color display aids operation while working in gloves or behind glass within a RABS or LAF unit.

The industry-leading Quantum peristaltic pump, which is also on show in Hannover, offers flow linearity, ultra-low shear and straightforward validation in line with BPOG guidelines across the entire single-use pressure range of 3 bar. The pump transports up to 20 liters per minute with a pulsation recorded at +/- 0.12 bar, which according to WMFTG is far lower than others. A major plus for the Quantum is likely to be its clever, easily exchangeable, single-use cassette, which makes the pump a great solution for single-use applications.