The DNA/RNA Shield stabilization reagent from Zymo Research is proven to counter the risk of nucleic acid degrading between taking and isolating a sample. The reagent preserves genetic integrity and expression profiles of a whole range of samples for up to 30 days - even at room temperature. By effectively inactivating any pathogens, biological materials can also be safely transported without the additional outlay involved in refrigeration and storage in dry ice. What's more, samples can be processed easily and directly without first having to remove the reagent. DNA/RNA Shield protects a wide range of samples such as tissue and blood, not to mention environmental and fecal samples.

Zymo Research Europe GmbH unveiled a new addition to its DNA/RNA Shield at LABVOLUTION 2017 in Hannover in the form of a series of specialized sampling containers to complement its existing reagent. These include the DNA/RNA Shield Swab Collection tube for collecting swabs from the mouth, nose, throat or environment, the DNA/RNA Shield Blood Collection tube for analyzing genetic expressions and miRNA and detecting pathogens in blood samples, and the DNA/RNA Shield Fecal Collection tube for detecting pathogens and analyzing genetic expressions, microbiota and miRNA. Last but not least, its new DNA/RNA Shield Lysis tubes for storing tissue or bacteria, which contain ZR BashingBeads, are ideal for analyzing microbiota, genetic expressions and miRNA and detecting pathogens. The major advantage is that these containers preserve the sample’s molecular integrity from the moment it was taken without the need for any special equipment.