Primarily developed for the petrochemicals industry, the compEAct sulfur and nitrogen analyzer from Analytik Jena boasts a whole string of impressive credentials: 163 samples in 24 hours of continuous operation, with no monitoring needed and minimum space requirements. Feedback has already been highly positive from the first industry customers to use the system, including Dr. Tobias Munde, Associate Analytical Manager at Dow Olefinverbund GmbH: "We use compEAct for the routine analysis of sulfur, and the device has impressed us across the board. It works at an incredible analysis speed in routine operation, is very easy to operate, and can fit into even the tiniest corner of the laboratory."

According to Analytik Jena, compEAct heralds the arrival of an ingenious design concept in laboratory environments - simplicity. Crucially, the system focuses on only one type of analysis - sulfur or nitrogen - and therefore works faster than other systems and greatly improves detection strength. Dr. Marc Diener, Director Product Management and Application at Analytik Jena, sums up the key advantages of compEAct: "Virtually anyone can operate it - it runs almost by itself, requires only minimal servicing, and can be monitored remotely." As the device operates largely independently, extensive training for laboratory personnel is not necessary, with a sleek, intuitive user interface enabling even inexperienced users to familiarize themselves with the system in next to no time. What's more, compEAct is delivered fully calibrated and equipped with a pre-installed ASTM methods library so that the system is ready for operation within the space of just a few hours. The device is operated via a convenient multi-touch display, and if the operator is not nearby, the analysis results and system operation can also be monitored by smartphone. Thanks to a combination of simple handling, high throughput and autonomous operation, the compEAct is billed as the ideal nitrogen and sulfur analyzer for petrochemical laboratories with large sample volumes and high efficiency standards.

Analytik Jena AG (07745 Jena, Germany)