Green Elephant Biotech – based in Giessen, Germany – was founded in December 2021 by Joel Eichmann and Felix Wollenhaupt at the Technical University of Central Hesse ("THM"). Prior to the foundation, an ambitious strategy was developed: Eichmann and Wollenhaupt planned to produce life-saving drugs and vaccines through efficient, scalable cell cultivation using CO2-neutral materials. Additive manufacturing is supposed to make this possible. The Giessen-based company's business model is based on automated production of its proprietary, patented "CellScrew" technology. This technology is made available to biotech and pharmaceutical companies actively involved in the development of new vaccines or researching cell and gene therapy treatments in the form of "single-use" articles.

Compared to the classically used vessels, the "CellScrew" is said to offer an enormously increased growth surface with the same volume. In an existing infrastructure, users should thus be able to increase production many times over, align it more sustainably and at the same time cut staff costs. According to the startup, the "CellScrew" technology could enable high-priced drugs and produce diagnostics and vaccines at lower costs in larger quantities. "To meet the growing demand for adherent cell cultures, efficient and scalable cell culture systems are needed. With our proven solution, users can achieve significant efficiencies throughout the development and production process, while improving their environmental footprint at the same time. Now it is time to grow healthily as a company and establish our product on the market. Thanks to the support of experienced and excellently networked investors, we are well prepared to do so," explained Eichmann after a successful pre-seed financing round. The funds raised will enable the expansion of the team and the further development of the "CellScrew" technology up to commercial market entry. In addition, Green Elephant Biotech plans to invest in necessary certifications.