The developers at nevoLAB GmbH have it made their goal to find imaginative methods for optimizing chemical laboratories and laboratory automation. As part of their efforts, they devise customer-specific appliances and automation concepts, produce functional prototypes, one-off pieces and small batches, and write software for technical equipment. What's more, nevoLAB designs sensor systems and innovative control technology to simplify workflows and improve processes. The company is at LABVOLUTION 2019 to showcase a range of exhibits, including the new SAMPLIFY P ICP/AAS Edition sample preparation system for the automated dilution of acidic digestion solutions.

Newly configured as a simple and safe way to dilute digestion solutions, the SAMPLIFY P ICP/AAS Edition has been specifically developed for working with acidic solutions, which is why none of its exposed parts or parts that come into contact with the samples are made of metal. This makes the system the perfect choice for preparing samples for ICP analysis to dilute microwave digestion solutions. It’s also ideal for preparing dilution series, splitting samples and predosing or adding reagents and solvents. The compact and affordable SAMPLIFY P ICP/AAS Edition is thus designed to offer a whole range of the benefits associated with cutting-edge laboratory automation, with its makers promising that even small laboratories can make efficient use of this innovation.