As a partner in the smartLAB project for envisaging the laboratory of the future, the company from Würzburg is looking to integrate mobile end devices previously unused in laboratory environments – such as smartphones, tablets and smartglasses – into digital workflows. Even now, far too often critical processes are still drafted on paper prior to digitalization and long-term storage. But might this change if laboratory equipment equipped with aids such as smartphones or smartglasses could speak and automatically record data?

iTiZZiMO AG answers these questions with the Simplifier for Life Sciences IoT platform for the digital revolution – an extremely promising approach that reveals what is already possible. "Simplifier creates the digital laboratory of the future today," says Professor of Natural Sciences Thomas Scheper. The Director of the Institute of Technical Chemistry at the Leibniz University of Hannover considers the Simplifier an enabler for smart laboratories. The Simplifier links laboratory devices with smartphones, smartglasses, smartwatches and other end devices to provide mobile access to important data from the laboratory information system. While the paper-free IoT platform can be used to automatically record new findings or samples from the poisons cabinet, dual-function protective/data goggles usefully display information about processes or warnings for hazardous chemicals.