Seoul-based Curiosis specializes in developing advanced technology for the field of cell imaging and is bringing its Celloger Mini Plus live cell imaging system to LABVOLUTION in Hannover for the first time. The compact and user-friendly device is designed to enable researchers and scientists to observe and analyze living cells with high resolution and strong contrast. Various cell-based research and applications should be able to achieve better results with the extended range of use of this all-round system.

The Celloger Mini Plus is equipped with advanced fluorescence and bright field microscopy, autofocusing and real-time multi-position imaging technology. The user-friendly imaging software allows a variety of settings to be adjusted to achieve the best possible image quality. Optimal cell illumination is provided by the integrated, high-power LED illumination. The device is also capable of performing time-lapse imaging of cells to observe the dynamics of cell processes such as cell division or cell migration. The Celloger Mini Plus is said to be easy to use and does not require extensive training or prior knowledge. It is ideal for researchers and scientists working with living cells who are looking for a user-friendly solution to advance their research.