It goes without saying that the work surfaces used in laboratories need to be tough. After all, they have to cope with all kinds of chemicals and hot containers straight from the Bunsen burner, as well as heavy and sharp-edged equipment. A high-quality benchtop is an absolute must for efficient, cost-effective laboratory procedures. One kind of material that has proved particularly suitable for work surfaces over many years is technical ceramics (chemical-technical stoneware), which are exceptionally resilient against acids, alkalis and solvents. They provide an impressively tough, wear-free surface that can still be flawless and look as good as new even after years in use. But that’s not to say a tried-and-tested product leaves no room for improvement - as FRIATEC GmbH has now successfully demonstrated.

The new FRIDURIT technical ceramics benchtops from FRIATEC are equipped with an integrated heating function. The temperature of the surface can be controlled steplessly from 0 to 100 degrees Celsius - thereby eliminating the need for various items of equipment that would otherwise have to be set up on the work surface. FRIDURIT is a 100% natural material that is heat- and chemical-resistant, scratch-proof and easy to clean. What’s more, FRIDURIT benchtops from FRIATEC can be produced in a huge range of shapes and glaze colors to suit specific customer requirements. For instance, the heated area can be outlined with a groove to collect any spilled liquids and show where the non-heated area begins.

FRIATEC GmbH (68229 Mannheim, Germany)