The family-owned business Schmidt + Haensch (S+H) has been designing optoelectronic analyzers for over 150 years. Its portfolio includes polarimeters, refractometers, laboratory automation and process analysis systems for the food, pharmaceutical, chemical and petrochemical industries. The company supplies customized solutions for each device on the basis of a modular concept. An intuitive user interface provides access to all the main functions in just three clicks, hence the S+H tagline "Use it like a smartphone". All instruments supplied by S+H can also be controlled and configured via the touchscreen of a PC, tablet or phone, and test results can be analyzed externally. What's more, the instruments can communicate directly with one another and calculate measurement results.

The new VariRef combines trusted Schmidt + Haensch technology with the modularity of the Vari family. The laboratory refractometer’s new double-isolated Peltier system is designed to ensure fast and accurate measurements by enabling rapid temperature control and reducing the influence of the ambient temperature. In addition, the VariRef incorporates the tried-and-tested Schmidt + Haensch sample area with a flat design for easy cleaning. To ensure a long service life with perfect results, S+H also offers a special version for materials that are hard to clean or hazardous. The LED light source and self-monitoring functions - to check the unit is clean, any ambient temperature effects, calibration and much more besides - make the VariRef virtually maintenance-free. To maximize precision throughout the long service life, the VariRef supports multi-point calibration over the entire measurement range. And if that’s not enough, users also have access to the complete Schmidt + Haensch scale library, which offers ready-made solutions for numerous applications.

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH GmbH & Co. (13403 Berlin, Germany)