These two workstations from Beckman Coulter, one of the world's leading manufacturers of measuring instruments and test assays in the field of life sciences and clinical diagnostics, have been developed to optimize the reliability and self-sufficiency of laboratories working with medium and high sample throughputs. Numerous product innovations have been plowed into the development of these workstations to ensure users can always adapt their methods to changing workflow priorities.

At LABVOLUTION 2017, Beckman Coulter is demonstrating the numerous configuration options that the new series offers, which include individual and dual configurations of multi-channel (96/384) or Span-8 pipetting head models. Integrated data management and the autovalidation function in the Biomek software are designed to prevent programming errors and simplify complex sample and data processing. Beckman Coulter says this intelligent processing equips the Biomek i-Series with the most advanced pipetting techniques on the market.

The Biomek i-Series also stands out from the crowd with its spacious design and open deck, which provides access from all sides to allow the integration of additional devices mounted next to and outside the deck (analytical devices, external storage/incubation units, labware feeders, etc.). A 96-channel 1-ml pipetting head for large volumes speeds up the transfer of samples and facilitates more efficient mixing processes, while integrated cameras provide live footage and video recordings for e.g. system diagnoses. What's more, users will welcome the slightly offset, rotating gripper designed to ensure optimum access to tightly packed decks and thus boost workflow efficiency. Last but not least, the device boasts an impressive illuminated status bar for enclosed devices that is visible from a distance and clearly indicates their current status with four different colors and patterns.