"You can count on the schuett colonyQuant ... in seconds," promises Göttingen-based schuett-biotec GmbH, which is presenting the colonyQuant in Hanover. The time-consuming and error-prone task of counting bacterial colonies in Petri dishes is to become a simple and convenient matter thanks to the new colonyQuant automatic colony counting device. According to the Göttingen-based company, the device is not only ahead of the field in terms of speed and precision, but is also said to impress with its customizable count settings and additional functions, as well as its ease of handling.

The colonyQuant is characterized by being more precise and faster than hand counting, allowing individual presetting of the set cards, providing reproducible results, enabling simple, self-explanatory optimization of the count settings, and guaranteeing image acquisition and counting of bacterial colonies or phage plaques within seconds. It should also be possible to evaluate even colonies that are difficult to detect. A simple switchover by mouse click from agar plates to nutrient carton discs, to spiral plating or to inhibition zone analysis and much more, as well as routine evaluations with only "2 clicks", as promised by the company, and a simple calibration of the camera underline the user-friendliness of the colonyQuant.

At LABVOLUTION 2023 in Hannover, the Göttingen-based company is waiting to customize the colonyQuant with their modular system the requirements of those troubled by counting.