Total organic carbon (TOC) is an analysis parameter that specifies the total amount of organic carbon in a sample. Analytik Jena, a leading supplier of high-end analytical measuring technology, instruments and products used in biotechnology and molecular diagnostics, has now added two new models to the TOC analyzers in the multi N/C pharma series. The two systems multi N/C 2100S pharma and 3100 pharma have been developed to respond even more effectively to the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

The multi N/C 2100S pharma system is specially configured to monitor vaccine quality by measuring total nitrogen. Thanks to the direct injection of samples, the system enables fully automated, carryover-free total protein analysis. Quality control of vaccines using this TN analyzer is set to result in significant time savings and thus substantially lower costs. The second new model, the multi N/C 3100 pharma, is a fully automated high-throughput analyzer designed primarily for TOC cleaning validation and for determining extractable organic compounds from polymer packaging in the pharmaceutical sector.

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