BRAND GmbH & Co. KG boasts one of the biggest cleanroom facilities in the sector worldwide, with around 6,000 m2 of production space and 3,200 m2 of certified cleanroom. Now, this market leader in measuring and metering equipment and high-quality life science consumables is exhibiting an impressive array of product innovations in Hannover. One of the main highlights is its new Liquid Handling Station, which combines 45 years of experience in liquid handling and more than 30 years of manufacturing high-quality disposable items.

The Liquid Handling Station is designed to suit all laboratories that require a compact and versatile workstation and are looking to close the gap between electronic pipettes and highly complex, expensive pipetting robots. Thanks to its compact design and innovative, patent-pending front door, the Liquid Handling Station has a footprint of just 595 x 485 millimeters and is 690/530 millimeters high with its door opened/closed. This makes it an ideal fit where space is limited or for installation under a safety hood.

The Liquid Handling Station has been developed for applications such as preparing assay-ready microtiter plates, PCR, qPCR and ELISA set-ups, serial dilutions and combinatorial biochemistry and uses exchangeable pipetting modules (liquid ends). The liquid ends can be changed quickly and easily with no need for tools. Liquid ends are available in three single-channel (1-50 µl, 10-200 µl, 40-1000 µl) and two 8-channel (1-50 µl, 20-300 µl) sizes. The volume testing of the pipette modules is performed according to ISO 8655 part 6. Seven freely configurable ANSI/SLAS-format work positions accommodate all kinds of disposable vessels, from individual up to 384-well plates, with an additional position for the waste box. The Liquid Handling Station’s intuitive software (also patent-pending) has been developed to help users set up simple, routine and complex pipetting tasks that follow standard laboratory procedures in a matter of minutes, even without prior programming experience.