Sensors form the foundation of any application that uses the Internet of Things and are the very first link in the value-added chain – sensors. Normally, a product that is to be networked will be fitted with a sensor that measures the desired parameters and forwards them to the connected hardware or electronics so that apps or other services can ultimately put all the data that is collected to good use via big data platforms. As a leading supplier and partner for physical, chemical and biological sensors, IST AG wants to ensure its customers can use its sensors to generate data for IoT applications.

Thanks to their robust design, long service life and precision, IST AG sensors are ideally suited for IoT applications, even in harsh environments. IST AG can manufacture sensors with extremely small dimensions (smallest sensor: 0.8x0.8 mm), which is a huge advantage for IoT applications, where the miniaturization of electronic components is extremely important. When integrated into appropriate IoT applications, the sensors from IST AG can be used to measure temperatures, flows, humidity, conductivity and biological media (particularly glucose and lactate). For example, shipping companies that specialize in the food sector can use sensors from IST AG to find out what kind of humidity levels and temperatures their cargos are exposed to – and they can do that right across the supply chain, from loading to transportation and unloading. Or, to take another example, large garden nurseries that want to monitor the salt content of their growing soil to ensure the right amount and type of fertilizer is applied at the right time can use an IoT application to introduce a monitoring system. In this scenario, conductivity sensors would be used to measure salt levels in the soil, forwarding the information and ultimately providing it for operational use via a specific platform. This ensures salt levels are continuously monitored, fertilizer is applied appropriately and the nursery can react rapidly to any deviations. Users looking for the right sensor to integrate into their IoT solution will find exactly the help they need at the IST AG stand at LABVOLUTION 2017.