Based in the Taiwanese capital, Taipei, Blue-Ray Biotech aims to provide researchers worldwide with innovative and reliable products to further accelerate developments in biotechnology. The company focuses on developing, manufacturing and marketing cutting-edge equipment that is also capable of handling larger volumes. Combining to perfection its core areas of expertise - electronics and biotechnology - Blue-Ray Biotech has now successfully launched a number of high-performance premium products for liquid handling and DNA amplification/purification. Certified to ISO 9001, the company is also committed to ongoing investment in quality control and improvements to the R&D capabilities of its products. The TurboCycler 2 thermal cycler is just one of the innovations Blue-Ray Biotech is unveiling at LABVOLUTION 2019.

The TurboCycler 2 was specifically developed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Boasting a 7 inch capacitive touchscreen and a user-friendly graphical user interface, the thermal cycler is designed to ensure incredibly intuitive operation. Its fast ramping rate and gradient PCR optimization are set to make PCR processing far more efficient and accurate. An optional Wi Fi module enables users to monitor the run status via mobile devices whenever required.