innoME's core areas of expertise lie in developing and manufacturing sensor-based products for diagnostics & analytics, life sciences, medical technology and services. The fledgling company based in north-western Germany designs and produces evaluation systems, including disposable products, both for its customers and on its own initiative. To help detect different parameters, innoME integrates special sensors into products and custom-designs the measuring technology required for this purpose. The idea is that harmonizing the development and production of innovative sensor-based products under one roof dramatically cuts both development times and risks.

innoME and cooperation partner essentim are now appearing together at LABVOLUTION 2017 to showcase their simple and secure solution for measuring critical process parameters in gases and liquids. By combining innoME's printed biosensors and intelligent culture vessels with essentim’s wireless sensor network and cloud solution, they believe they have come up with a process that is more flexible and simple than ever before. Thanks to the additional option of continuous optical monitoring using zenCell view and the ability to connect wirelessly to other devices in the laboratory, innoME is confident a new standard can be set in monitoring. If you'd like a closer look for yourself, be sure to attend the "Know your stuff 4.0" presentation at the Young and Innovative Companies Pavilion, where the developers from innoME and essentim will be demonstrating how you can harness this technology and the benefits it offers for your own applications.