Founded by experienced employees who were previously both users and developers, Taiwan-based GeneDireX had its market entry as a player in the life science field in 2007. GeneDireX has since established itself in the industry with bioscience reagents, kits, DNA and protein markers, small laboratory instruments, customized services and much more. The company has also gained a good reputation in the molecular biology research and diagnostics industry.

GeneDireX' products are used in research institutes, universities and diagnostic laboratories worldwide. The company, which claims to also be committed to the environmental sustainability of its solutions and to sustainable production, emphasizes that it is very aware of its customers' needs and therefore aims to provide first-class quality products at moderate costs to researchers around the globe.

A prime example of the company meeting these high standards is the BLook series of LED transilluminators, which are said to be the most advanced transilluminators on the market. At the LABVOLUTION 2023, the μBLooK LED transilluminator from GeneDireX will celebrate its premiere. It was designed for use in molecular biology to visualize DNA or RNA. It is said to be particularly effective in gel electrophoresis to determine the size and quantity of DNA fragments.

Unlike conventional transilluminators, which operate with UV light, the μBLooK LED transilluminator uses blue LED light, with a wavelength of 470 nm, which is consequently less harmful to DNA. In addition, users do not require any special eye or skin protection using the μBLooK LED transilluminator. Moreover, there are other positive aspects to this new LED technology: it is more compact and requires less energy than conventional transilluminators. GeneDireX developed the design and technology of the μBLooK LED transilluminator in close collaboration with their future users to ensure it would meet the needs of the molecular biology community. The workflow is as simple as can be: place the plastic tray containing the prepared gel on the instrument platform and everything is ready for observation.

The new μBLooK LED transilluminator is suitable for examining gels stained with Novel Juice, Novel Green or Novel Green Plus after electrophoresis. In addition, it is also suitable for OnePCR, OnePCR HiFi and OnePCR HotStar, which contain fluorescent staining that is compatible with the transilluminators blue LED light.