LABVOLUTION 2019, 21 - 23 May
Register and evaluate new leads

Professionally manage visitor data

Using our AddLeads software, you can register new leads at your booth in seconds via mobile devices. In addition, we provide solutions to evaluate your lead and visitor data.

Take advantage of the new trade visitor badges!

To make it easier and faster for you and your guests to exchange contact details, registered trade visitors have the option of receiving a visitor badge with a lanyard at the entrances to the trade show. Using our AddLeads app, simply scan the barcode on the badge to capture your customer's contact data. There is no need spend time and manpower processing the information after the trade show ends – a great advantage! If your visitor is not wearing the badge, you can also scan the barcode on their ticket or their business card, giving you three ways to keep things simple.

AddLeads: Mobile data collection at your booth

Lead Services Recorded at Stand

Using an app, your booth personnel can comfortably register new leads with a smartphone. It only takes seconds to scan business cards or trade visitor tickets. In addition, the lead sheets you provide guarantee that your data will be recorded and evaluated systematically.

Your personal contact Mr. Oreste Mallus would be happy to answer any further questions you may have regarding AddLeads.

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