LABVOLUTION 2021, 04 - 06 May
Benefits for exhibitors

Reasons why you should exhibit

LABVOLUTION/BIOTECHNICA provides an holistic experience of the entire laboratory landscape, including research, applications, the chemicals industry, life sciences and biotechnology and everything else in between.

Your Benefits at a Glance


As the flagship European trade show for innovative laboratory equipment and the optimization of laboratory workflows, LABVOLUTION covers the entire spectrum of lab technology and highlights the new directions and developments relevant to all user sectors. Networking is also a keynote theme of LABVOLUTION and is thus the perfect place to exhibit products and services to best effect.

In addition to the interdisciplinary exhibition, the concept behind LABVOLUTION allows for attractive formats that facilitate knowledge transfer, the exchange of ideas and networking. It thus offers considerable added value, benefiting trade visitors and exhibitors alike.

  • Interdisciplinary
    LABVOLUTION covers every relevant sector – lab technology, lab infrastructure, instrumental analysis for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries, for the life sciences, environmental engineering, food industry, biotechnology, medicine, R&D...
  • Topical
    As Europe's leading trade show for innovative lab equipment and lab workflow optimization LABVOLUTION highlights current trends such as the digital transformation and networking of the laboratory sector.
  • Research-led
    The growing and fruitful exchange with the academic world and the interaction between industry and research is a rich source of innovative partnerships and business leads.
  • User-focused
    LABVOLUTION is the ultimate showcase for innovative solutions for lab equipment, bio-analysis and analytical equipment, as well as for users and decision-makers looking for new ideas and networked laboratory infrastructures.
  • Future-led
    The special display smartLAB at the heart of LABVOLUTION is a catalyst for the innovation and development of the laboratory and workflows that will shape the future.
  • Top contacts
    The attendance of so many high-calibre decisionmakers from every sector makes LABVOLUTION the perfect marketplace for contacts and an effective platform for business leads.
  • International links
    The favourable location of Hannover at the heart of Europe and excellent transport links make it easy to reach from anywhere in the world.
  • Career advancement
    The trade show offers upcoming talent and future decision-makers the know-how, useful contacts to potential employers and professional advice for successful career planning.

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LABVOLUTION – a magnet for Germany’s northwest

As an exhibitor at LABVOLUTION, you’ll meet numerous potential customers from the northwest of Germany. For a simple reason: Over 80 percent of all LABVOLUTION trade visitors live within a 250-kilometer radius of Hannover.

Other fairs are too far away for those attendees, but Hannover is doable for them in a day. These are decision-makers with a strong interest in lab technology, lab infrastructure and analytics – in short, your new customers.

Time counts

Meet decision-makers from industry and research – exclusively in Hannover

From Hamburg, it’s just a 2-hour drive. From Lübeck, only 2.5 hours – the same goes for Dortmund, Münster, Würzburg, Frankfurt. Even from Düsseldorf or Leipzig, it’s just a 3-hour trip to Hannover. Is that a sales argument? Oh, yes – in fact, it’s one of the most important ones.

LABVOLUTION is the only lab technology trade fair to reach potential customers from Germany’s north, west and east with just a day trip. And that counts, because it saves time, money and effort. Anyone from this part of Germany who wants to meet decision-makers from the chemical, pharmaceutical or life science industries considers LABVOLUTION a must.

Southern Germany isn’t the only place with a strong demand for lab technology, laboratory infrastructure and analytics.

Leads, leads, leads

A compact marketplace is a motor for leads

A trade fair is worth your while if it turns up the right number of useful leads. That’s also a math problem: the three-day LABVOLUTION generates close to 100,000 business leads.

The advantage for you: a lab technology fair that takes place inside a single hall – the entire market at a glance. Attendees walk by every stand. For each exhibitor, this means an average of 90 conversations a day. Compare this to the time a sales representative in the field would need to have the same number of conversations.

And then there are the coincidences and the unexpected encounters. Which is another reason why trade fairs are well worth your while.

Be one of the experts!

Appear at the Lab USER Dialogues to explain your solutions to interested users – free of charge

Things may be buzzing at your stand in the hall, but you can focus your thoughts at a seminar room located right in the conference area of the hall. As an exhibitor at LABVOLUTION. you can book a free slot in our Lab USER Dialogues. This is the place for users who want to find out more about a specific topic or product.

Let your experts demonstrate the solution. Users can then try out your instruments and ask questions. The perfect way to create dialogue. We can’t promise whether a dialogue will turn into a sales lead, but the odds are good.