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Zymo Research Europe

Zymo Research offers DNA/RNA Shield™ in novel storage devices

The time between sample collection and the isolation of nucleic acids is critical. Methods used to collect and store samples can impact the analysis of nucleic acids. Without proper storage conditions in place, a sample can be compromised and therefore a misrepresentation of the data can result.

To prevent samples from degrading, Zymo Research has developed five new collection devices containing its DNA/RNA Shield storage reagent. Samples can be stored at ambient temperature for up to 30 days while maintaining the integrity of the nucleic acids in the sample. At the same time, all pathogens contained within the sample are inactivated. Additionally, by eliminating the need to remove the reagent during the purification process, Zymo Research has also streamlined the sample analysis process even further. In addition to this, samples in DNA/RNA Shield can be shipped without the need of freezing.

DNA/RNA Shield is qualified for different samples like tissues and blood but also environmental- and fecal samples.

Zymo Research offers its DNA/RNA Shield in the five new collection devices:

  • DNA/RNA Shield Swab Collection Tube is ideal for mouth, nose, throat and environmental sample collection
  • DNA/RNA Shield Blood Collection Tubeis best for gene expression analysis, miRNA analysis, and blood borne pathogen detection.
  • DNA/RNA Shield Fecal Collection Tubecan be used for miRNA analysis, pathogen detection, gene expression, and microbiomic analysis.
  • DNA/RNA Shield Lysis Tubes (for tissues and microbes) are well suited for microbiomic, gene expression and miRNA analyses, as well as pathogen detection. Tubes contain ultra high-density ZR BashingBead lysis matrix.


The advantage of having these various collection devices filled with DNA/RNA Shield is that a 'molecular snapshot' of the sample at time of collection can be obtained without the need of Special equipment.

Following problem sources like safety shipping of the samples or potential maintenance of cool chain are meaningless. For more information about DNA/RNA Shield, or to receive a sample, go to or email

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