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Shaken, not stirred.
The Swiss specialist in bioreactors, incubation shakers and bioprocess control software INFORS HT is at LABVOLUTION 2019 to present a wealth of cutting-edge solutions - including its fourth-generation Multitron incubation shaker.

29 Apr. 2019

Shaken, not stirred
The Swiss specialist in bioreactors, incubation shakers and bioprocess control software INFORS HT is at LABVOLUTION 2019 to present a wealth of cutting-edge solutions - including its fourth-generation Multitron incubation shaker.

It's a well-known fact that many of the big names in U.S. business started out washing dishes or toiling away in a disused garage. In the case of INFORS GmbH in Switzerland, it was actually a vacant kiosk that housed the company to begin with in 1965. The growth of this family firm into one of the world’s leading developers and manufacturers of incubation shakers and bioreactors once again proves just how fruitful humble beginnings can be. Much has, of course, changed since it was first founded, but the company's uncomplicated corporate culture and family-like atmosphere remain intact. Since day one, INFORS HT has also demonstrated an ability to think outside the box, open-mindedness, creativity and even a spot of irrationality - the pillars of its success. The company is now showcasing the full spectrum of its portfolio at LABVOLUTION 2019, where visitors can catch a sneak peek of the fourth generation of its tried-and-tested Multitron incubation shaker.

Multitron ensures homogeneous conditions, delivers reproducible results and, according to INFORS HT, is the number one choice for reliable, convenient cultivation of microorganisms and cell cultures. Having created some 500 different Multitron designs to date, including one-off custom configurations, INFORS HT caters to almost any precise need in terms of equipment and capacity. To develop the latest generation of Multitron, the company’s experts drew on their many years of experience in cell cultivation. Compared to static incubators, the active yet gentle mixing of cultures in the Multitron Cell achieves far better cultivation results, with cells quickly adapting to the mechanical mixing process. Last but not least, cells achieve optimum growth thanks to unrivaled features such as an antimicrobial surface and optional hygienic direct-steam humidification.

INFORS GmbH (85254 Einsbach, Germany), Hall 20, Stand C29
Contact: Daniel Egger
Tel.: +49 8135 8333
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A miniature marvel!
The new, extremely compact Absorbance 96 microplate reader that Hamburg-based start-up Byonoy is exhibiting at LABVOLUTION 2019 is designed to be highly versatile and help simplify laboratory workflows.

University of Kiel spin-off Byonoy GmbH has been miniaturizing 96-well microplate readers ever since it was founded in 2015. Innovative approaches have now led to the development of the unique, ultra-compact Absorbance 96, which Byonoy is confident will set new standards. Visitors to the Young and Innovative Companies Pavilion in Hall 20 at LABVOLUTION 2019 can now see for themselves just how much progress has been made with miniaturization and discover the resulting benefits.

A footprint almost as small as the plate itself makes the Absorbance 96 by far the most compact 96-well microplate reader on the market. Despite its impressively small size, the reader delivers fast, accurate and reliable results and comes at an affordable price. In combination with the associated Byonoy software, the Absorbance 96 is ideal for a whole host of applications – from ELISA to protein- and cell-based assays. What’s more, the Absorbance 96 is the first reader on the market with 96 detection units. This innovation removes the need for scanning mechanics and supports fast photometric measurements. Last but not least, the reader boasts maintenance-free LED technology.

Byonoy GmbH (20149 Hamburg, Germany), Hall 20, Stand A12 (A12/8)
Contact: Kim Christine Dose
Tel.: +49 40 5379866-14
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ExCELLent technology
Beckman Coulter, a specialist in laboratory and measuring devices for chemical labs and medical applications, is at LABVOLUTION 2019 to showcase its optimized CytoFLEX flow cytometer range.

Beckman Coulter is one of the world's leading manufacturers of measuring instruments and test assays in life sciences and clinical diagnostics. A subsidiary of the US-based Danaher Corporation, the company employs more than 10,000 workers in over 130 countries. The German branch of Beckman Coulter, headquartered not far from Düsseldorf, is now at LABVOLUTION to unveil its optimized CytoFLEX range of flow cytometers.

The new CytoFLEX LX boasts up to six lasers and 21 color parameters. Users of the CytoFLEX S, meanwhile, can equip their system with four different excitation wavelengths and choose between five different lasers. Including FSC and SSC, a total of 15 parameters are available. What’s more, Beckman promises that an additional side scatter light on the 405 nm excitation wavelength ensures even extremely small particles (< 200 nanometers) can be easily and accurately detected. At a nominal acquisition rate of up to 30,000 events per second with 15 selected parameters, the system measures even large cell volumes rapidly. CytoFLEX comes in 21 design variants altogether. The system's dynamic range of seven decades - indisputably one of the highest around - is designed to make it especially easy to set up new and unknown samples on the device.

Beckman Coulter GmbH (47807 Krefeld, Germany), Hall 19, Stand C78
Contact: Uwe König
Tel.: +49 2151 333-723
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In full flow!
BRAND - a specialist in innovative laboratory equipment for the biosciences, chemistry, pharmaceuticals and process analytics - has equipped the tried-and-tested Liquid Handling Station with its own compact cleanroom. Say hello to the newly developed FlowBox.

Protecting pipette liquids from particles and microorganisms is a top priority in many laboratories - when preparing samples, dispensing media and buffer solutions or when conducting microbiological analyses with non-pathogenic microorganisms, to name but a few examples. BRAND's automatic "Liquid Handling Station flow" pipetting system on show at LABVOLUTION 2019 is designed to make this process easier. Closing the gap between electronic pipettes and costly pipetting robots, this innovation provides laboratories with their very own compact cleanroom.

The newly developed FlowBox in "Liquid Handling Station flow" ensures the work area is kept clean. When the door is closed, the drawn-in air passes through an HEPA filter (HEPA 14 to DIN EN 1822) and is subsequently directed via laminar horizontal layers across the consumables before exiting via special openings in the front door. All the while, the air inside the cabinet is cleaned and replaced 260 or so times per hour, thereby adhering to the cleanroom specifications set out in ISO 14 644-1 (Class 5) and GMP Annex 1 (Class A). But that's not all. Before pipetting begins, the software initiates a three-minute rinsing process using cleaned air, which ensures particles (particle sizes 0.5 μm to 5 μm) are no longer detectable. What's more, the air flow automatically increases as the front door opens, providing the samples with extra protection during this procedure too. “Liquid Handling Station flow” is of course designed to offer the well-established benefits of BRAND's Liquid Handling Station. The solution requires very little space and is quick and easy to use. After just a few clicks of the mouse, the pipetting process can begin in line with the lab worker's specific requirements.

BRAND GMBH + CO KG (97877 Wertheim, Germany), Hall 20, Stand C41
Contact: Matthias Stein
Tel.: +49 9342 808-1505
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Seek and ye shall find!
Systec GmbH, a steam sterilizer manufacturer, and Evidencia GmbH, an up-and-coming service provider for qualifications of autoclaves and other lab equipment, are sharing a pavilion at LABVOLUTION 2019 to reveal the details of their new, extensive partnership.

Systec GmbH - a leading manufacturer of autoclaves - and Evidencia GmbH - a fledgling, innovative service provider for autoclave qualification and process validation - are at LABVOLUTION 2019 in Hannover to reveal their flourishing new partnership. Besides seizing the great opportunity this flagship fair for lab equipment offers to showcase their know-how to a global audience, both companies hope to share and gain insights on a wide range of topics related to cutting-edge developments and laboratory workflow optimization.

Also eager to show the great effort it continues to plow into its core business, Systec is additionally showcasing more than 70 types of both tabletop and standing autoclaves at this year's LABVOLUTION, featuring chamber volumes from 23 to 1,580 liters. Visitors can explore Systec's Mediaprep range of media preparators too, which are designed exclusively for culture media production.

Systec GmbH (35440 Linden, Germany), Hall 20, Stand C23
Contact: Helena Wolf
Tel.: +49 6403 67070-403
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