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New, improved pipetting robot.
At LABVOLUTION 2019 in Hannover, Andrew Alliance is unveiling ANDREW+, the new version of its highly successful ANDREW pipetting robot.

14 May. 2019

New, improved pipetting robot
At LABVOLUTION 2019 in Hannover, Andrew Alliance is unveiling ANDREW+, the new version of its highly successful ANDREW pipetting robot.

Andrew Alliance, a certified CO2-neutral company, is committed to working with the research community to develop a new class of easy-to-use robots and networked devices that ensure repeatability, performance and efficiency for 21st-century biology laboratory experiments. This new generation of powerful, robust and user-friendly robots is said to deliver dramatically enhanced repeatability, performance and speed in liquid handling. The company has been pursuing this approach since it launched its ANDREW robot back in 2013 - with impressive results. This is confirmed not just by numerous independent awards but also by positive feedback from hundreds of pharmaceutical, diagnostic and academic laboratories throughout the world, as ANDREW eliminates routine pipetting errors and time-consuming manual work.

At LABVOLUTION 2019, Andrew Alliance from Switzerland is premiering ANDREW’s successor, ANDREW+, whose pioneering new design was partly inspired by user feedback from the past six years. ANDREW+ enables fully automated pipetting and more complex handling with a wide range of DOMINO+ accessories and electronic pipettes from Andrew Alliance. It executes OneLab protocols and actively helps in transitioning quickly and smoothly from laborious manual processes to error-free, automated workflows.

Andrew Alliance S.A. (1214 Vernier, Switzerland), Hall 20, Stand B70
Contact: Dr. Nigel Skinner
Tel.: +44 7899 925361
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Integration as a model for success
Analytik Jena subsidiary Biometra is at LABVOLUTION 2019 to reveal the TRobot II. This follow-up model is designed to seamlessly maintain the automated thermal cycler's long track record of successfully integrating into laboratory automation systems from all reputable manufacturers.

Analytik Jena, part of the Swiss Endress+Hauser Group, is a leading supplier of high-end analytical measuring technology, instruments and products destined for use in biotechnology and molecular diagnostics, not to mention high-quality liquid handling and automation technology. But you don’t have to take our word for it as the company is returning to LABVOLUTION 2019 to showcase its extensive portfolio, including automated high-throughput screening systems for the pharmaceuticals sector. Joining it this year is Biometra GmbH, which itself is part of Analytik Jena and has a long track record of successfully integrating its automated thermal cycler TRobot into laboratory automation systems from reputable manufacturers. Now celebrating the premiere of the Biometra TRobot II follow-up model in Hannover, the company is out to proclaim the next stage of integration.

The Biometra TRobot II is designed to integrate into innovative robotic systems to meet the latest requirements, with conveniently prepared drivers supporting quick integration into automation systems. What's more, powerful software ensures alternative direct control of the automated cycler, which is particularly practical for initial PCR runs to prepare the actual application. Boasting outstanding ramping rates and reliable temperature uniformity, this PCR cycler delivers highly reproducible PCR results. A patent-pending plate-lifter and lid technology, meanwhile, are designed to ensure optimum functionality on robot platforms and play a big part in delivering excellent process reliability. The thermal cycler module’s compact dimensions also help save valuable space on the robot platform, with the control unit fitting underneath the platform if desired. Users can choose from three different block versions - 96-well aluminum, 96-well silver and 384-well aluminum - which all have a gradient function as a simple means of optimizing annealing temperatures for new PCR protocols.

Analytik Jena AG (07745 Jena, Germany), Hall 20, Stand B62
Contact: Dana Schmidt
Tel.: +49 3641 77-9281
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Much more than hot air!
The Hei-VAP rotary evaporators from Heidolph Instruments are celebrating their debut at LABVOLUTION 2019. Combining a sophisticated concept, an unbeatably tight seal and uncompromising quality, these solutions are sure to set new standards in vacuum evaporation.

Renowned for its innovative ideas, Heidolph Instruments is a leading manufacturer of premium laboratory equipment on a global scale. Besides areas such as developing new technologies for ensuring a sufficient and healthier food supply, the company also devotes its attention to curing illnesses and alleviating the related symptoms. It's against this backdrop that Heidolph Instruments GmbH & Co. KG is unveiling its Hei-VAP range of cutting-edge rotary evaporators at LABVOLUTION 2019.

According to the manufacturer, the Hei-VAP series is proof that there is more to separating samples and evaporating solvents than meets the eye, and the resulting quality isn’t obtained by coincidence. RPM-regulated vacuum pumps, an innovative sealing system and next-generation high-performance condensers are designed to maximize the amount of solvent recovered and increase the service life of the rotary evaporator and vacuum pump. The solution also reduces residue in the ambient atmosphere - and lowers energy costs by up to an impressive 90 percent. Last but not least, users can choose from a range of add-ons to customize these rotary evaporators to their specific requirements.

Heidolph Instruments GmbH & Co. KG (91126 Schwabach, Germany), Hall 20, Stand C24
Contact: Anja Sekolec
Tel.: +49 9122 9920 82
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Breaking into new markets

At LABVOLUTION 2019 in Hannover, the Chinese start-up Hangzhou Allsheng Instruments is demonstrating its Bioprep-24 homogenizer, which can break down the toughest of samples without affecting their molecular integrity.

Hangzhou Allsheng Instruments is one of the many businesses emerging in China that - equipped with fresh capital and bursting with passion - are racing to establish themselves on the demanding, highly competitive laboratory technology market. Aware that such an endeavor involves presenting products and solutions at the relevant hotspots to attract the attention of a broad audience, Allsheng is tapping into LABVOLUTION 2019 to secure its position on the market, most notably in Europe. The company is in Hannover to showcase a range of innovations, including its Bioprep-24 homogenizer.

In biochemistry, homogenization refers to the disruption of cells to extract their 'homogenate' (organelles, proteins, DNA, mRNA or other biological molecules), with a distinction being drawn between mechanical and non-mechanical procedures. Bioprep-24 from Allsheng adopts the mechanical approach, using disposable tubes filled with lysing beads to homogenize even samples that are difficult to break open such as bone fragments - quickly, effectively and with reproducible results. Yet despite such hefty processing, this method is said to ensure samples still largely retain their molecular integrity.

Hangzhou Allsheng Instruments CO., Ltd. (310024 Hangzhou, China), Hall 20, Stand A45
Contact: Jane Tao
Tel.: +86 571 88802738
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Results in a (re)fraction of the usual time
SCHMIDT + HAENSCH is at LABVOLUTION 2019 to showcase the latest addition to its tried-and-tested Vari series - the innovative VariRef laboratory refractometer - alongside SensoRef, a high-precision refractometric sensor sporting a compact design.

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH combines tradition with innovation when it comes to the high-quality optoelectronic measuring equipment it manufactures and distributes worldwide. Ever since new reference methods were introduced into the sugar industry, the company has been one of the leading providers of analysis equipment in the field. In addition to supplying laboratory analysis technology including both autonomous analysis systems and electronically controlled laboratory data acquisition systems, SCHMIDT + HAENSCH also provides "intelligent process sensors". To round off its wide-ranging product portfolio, the company also networks laboratory equipment according to customer-specific requirements and using fully automated analytical systems. As one of 13 companies participating in this year’s smartLAB, SCHMIDT + HAENSCH is using LABVOLUTION 2019 as a forum to showcase its most recent innovations, including the new laboratory refractometer, VariRef, and its latest refractometric sensor, SensoRef.

VariRef combines tried-and-tested technology from SCHMIDT + HAENSCH with the modularity of the long-established Vari series. Its new double-isolated Peltier system is designed to ensure measurements can be taken quickly and accurately by reducing the influence of ambient temperature and providing reliable temperature control. In addition, the VariRef incorporates the tried-and-tested SCHMIDT + HAENSCH sample chamber, which features a flat design for easy cleaning. To ensure a long service life and perfect results, SCHMIDT + HAENSCH also offers a special version of the sample chamber for materials that are hard to clean or even hazardous. The LED light source and self-monitoring functions for cleanliness, ambient temperature effects, calibration and much more besides make the VariRef virtually maintenance-free. To ensure maximum precision throughout the product’s long service life, the VariRef can be recalibrated over its entire range via multi-point calibration.

The SensoRef refractometric sensor is said to open up a whole new field of miniaturization for process refractometers. Thanks to its new optical design, the sensor is the size of a golf ball, making it compact enough to be used as a true sensor in applications that conventional refractometers cannot accommodate. With that in mind, anyone at LABVOLUTION 2019 who deals with extremely small volumes, installations in limited space or mobile operations, should come and take a look for themselves.

SCHMIDT + HAENSCH GmbH & Co. (13403 Berlin, Germany), Hall 20, Stand D16 (04)
Contact: Angelika Rau
Tel.: +49 30 417072-43
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SAMPLIFY your lab
On show at LABVOLUTION 2019, the SAMPLIFY P ICP/AAS Edition from nevoLAB is a new system configuration designed as a simple and safe way to dilute digestion solutions.

The developers at nevoLAB GmbH have it made their goal to find imaginative methods for optimizing chemical laboratories and laboratory automation. As part of their efforts, they devise customer-specific appliances and automation concepts, produce functional prototypes, one-off pieces and small batches, and write software for technical equipment. What's more, nevoLAB designs sensor systems and innovative control technology to simplify workflows and improve processes. The company is at LABVOLUTION 2019 to showcase a range of exhibits, including the new SAMPLIFY P ICP/AAS Edition sample preparation system for the automated dilution of acidic digestion solutions.

Newly configured as a simple and safe way to dilute digestion solutions, the SAMPLIFY P ICP/AAS Edition has been specifically developed for working with acidic solutions, which is why none of its exposed parts or parts that come into contact with the samples are made of metal. This makes the system the perfect choice for preparing samples for ICP analysis to dilute microwave digestion solutions. It's also ideal for preparing dilution series, splitting samples and predosing or adding reagents and solvents. The compact and affordable SAMPLIFY P ICP/AAS Edition is thus designed to offer a whole range of the benefits associated with cutting-edge laboratory automation, with its makers promising that even small laboratories can make efficient use of this innovation.

nevoLAB GmbH (88167 Maierhöfen, Germany), Hall 20, Stand C18
Contact: Martin Metzger
Tel.: +49 8383 929 566-0
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From 0 to 384 in less than 60 seconds!
Eppendorf's new 16- and 24-channel pipettes have what it takes to make 384-well pipetting easier, more ergonomic and also extremely fast, reliably filling 384-well plates within the space of just one minute.

Eppendorf AG is a leading life science company that develops and sells instruments, consumables and services for handling liquids, samples and cells in laboratories worldwide. The company has a reputation for being highly innovative. Its portfolio includes everything from pipettes, dispensers, centrifuges, mixers, spectrometers and DNA amplification devices to ultra-low-temperature freezers, fermenters, bioreactors, CO2 incubators, shakers and cell manipulation systems. This equipment is complemented by consumables such as pipette tips, test tubes, microtiter plates and single-use bioreactors. Eppendorf products are used in both academic and industrial research laboratories. The company's high-quality solutions are also found in laboratories conducting clinical trials and environmental analyses, in forensic applications, and in industrial process analysis, production and quality assurance laboratories.

In view of the wide-ranging expertise outlined above, it’s hardly surprising that Eppendorf is once again one of the heavyweights exhibiting at LABVOLUTION 2019. The innovations and optimizations on show this time round include a typical tool for manual pipetting into 384-well plates. Eppendorf Research plus and Eppendorf Xplorer plus 16- and 24-channel pipettes, together with epT.I.P.S. pipette tips - also new - are set to make 384-well pipetting easier, more ergonomic, more reliable and also faster!

Eppendorf AG (22339 Hamburg, Germany), Hall 20, Stand B69
Contact: Bettina Doerler
Tel.: +49 40 538 01-640
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Augmented reality plugs the skills gap!
PTC is demonstrating at LABVOLUTION 2019 how easy augmented reality makes it for life science companies to become learning organizations and ensure their future viability. With PTC and its partner ecosystem, they can use the possibilities offered by today's new technologies to drive the digital transformation.

PTC - Parametric Technology GmbH is looking to use its well-established award-winning solutions to create industrial innovations that make companies and their products stand out, optimize their processes and boost staff productivity. PTC is convinced that the growing skills gap is preventing millions of vacancies at businesses and laboratories from being filled. Other factors it cites range from an aging workforce to stringent compliance and safety requirements. According to PTC, the loss of experienced employees - combined with increasingly complex products and growing customer demand - calls for new approaches to providing staff with relevant information in situ.

PTC is showcasing an approach of this kind at LABVOLUTION 2019. Vuforia Expert Capture is designed to help overcome the challenges outlined above by passing on the knowledge of experts at a company to other employees. Easy access to standardized work instructions prepared by specialists has the potential to significantly improve staff productivity, reduce the amount of waste, reworking and downtime, and ensure a high level of safety and compliance. Visitors to the PTC - Parametric Technology GmbH stand at LABVOLUTION 2019 will discover how they can use Vuforia Expert Capture to record the knowledge of their experts and make it available to other staff as an augmented reality experience.

PTC - Parametric Technology GmbH (85716 Unterschleissheim), Hall 20, Stand D17/1
Alexandra Bitzer, mobile: +49 151 1954 81 33
René Zölfl (during LABVOLUTION), mobile +49 151 1954 81 01
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Mass appeal to mass cell cultures
Change the media or harvest the cells? Greiner Bio-One, a technology partner for the diagnostic and pharmaceutical industries, is at LABVOLUTION 2019 to showcase the single-layer version of its tried-and-tested CELLdisc, which is designed to simplify the monitoring and analysis of mass cell cultures in the laboratory.

The single-layer version of the CELLdisc cell culture vessel in combination with the CELLring equilibration tool, CELLhandle gripper and CELLswing automation promises to deliver a perfectly coordinated system for mass cell cultures. It monitors cell morphology, adherence and confluence, thus enabling users to decide quickly and easily whether to change media or harvest cells for all CELLdisc formats, which can be cultivated in parallel under identical conditions and in large quantities. This version of CELLdisc can also be used as an alternative to a tissue culture flask with a growth area of up to 250 square centimeters.

The single-layer CELLdisc extends the CELLdisc range, which was already available with 4, 8, 16 and 40 layers. Its compact, robust and cylindrical design is said to make CELLdisc just as suited to smaller test series as it is for automation and the quantifiable scale-up of mass cell cultures in growth areas of between 250 and 10,000 square centimeters. According to Greiner Bio-One, the surface treatment of the vessels, their ventilation via a central gas channel - which gives users a choice between active and passive gassing - and the intake and exhaust air filters combine to support optimum cell growth.

With its innovative ergonomic CELLdisc design, Greiner Bio-One International GmbH is committed to making it considerably easier to cultivate mammalian cells. Thanks to CELLdisc, it should be possible to create a cell culture in just a few steps. After filling the vessel with cell suspension and closing the screw cap, CELLdisc is tipped onto its side so that the screw cap is at the lowest point and the fluid can spread evenly to all layers. The CELLdisc is simply rolled to turn it through 90 degrees and stop any more fluid from being transferred. It can then be tipped upright again and placed in the incubator with the layers horizontal.

Greiner Bio-One GmbH (72636 Frickenhausen, Germany), Hall 20, Stand C47
Contact: Simone Schafstein
Tel.: +49 7022 948-570
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