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LABVOLUTION Trendspots - No. 5

Unshakeable quality.
aquila biolabs GmbH has chosen LABVOLUTION 2019 to unveil shake flasks specially designed for its Liquid Injection System (LIS).

21 May. 2019

Unshakeable quality
aquila biolabs GmbH has chosen LABVOLUTION 2019 to unveil shake flasks specially designed for its Liquid Injection System (LIS).

German tech start-up aquila biolabs is dedicated to developing innovative technology for regulating and analyzing bioprocesses in bioreactors and incubation shakers. The company launched in 2014 with the support of the EXIST scholarship, which the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy awards to start-ups with an innovative technology. Just one year later, the minds behind aquila biolabs won several awards at business plan competitions and convinced investors to plow further capital into their fledgling company. All efforts are geared toward pursuing aquila biolabs' long-term vision of digitizing bioprocesses in line with Industry 4.0 so they can help create a global bio-economy. Working in small interdisciplinary teams, the start-up's skilled experts systematically pinpoint problems in bioprocessing, assess the relevant solutions and turn them into marketable products.

One of the projects at aquila biolabs is the Liquid Injection System (LIS), which is designed as an easy-to-use technology for the automated feeding of liquids into shake flasks. As LIS consists of just three components - a sterile disposable cartridge, a drive and LIS software - the process involved is straightforward. After filling up to 25 ml of the chosen liquid into the cartridge, the user defines a feeding profile in the software program and fits the cartridge with the drive onto the shake flask. The software is designed so users can create complex feeding profiles, not to mention control and monitor the feeding process wirelessly. The developers at aquila biolabs hope their innovation will help unlock completely new opportunities for shake flask experiments. On the topic of shake flasks, aquila biolabs has also chosen LABVOLUTION 2019 to reveal its own shake flasks specially designed for experiments with LIS. To enhance the transfer of oxygen into the shake flasks, these LIS flasks feature an additional neck, which can be closed using any standard seal such as aluminum caps, cotton plugs or filters. The LIS flasks from aquila biolabs are available with and without baffles and can hold volumes ranging from 250 ml to two liters.

aquila biolabs GmbH (52499 Baesweiler, Germany), Hall 20, Stand A12 (A12/6)
Contact: Jens Bayer
Tel.: +49 2401 8049707
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It’s okay to want constant reassurance
Safety technology specialist DÜPERTHAL is presenting a range of exhibits at LABVOLUTION 2019. Sure to steal the show is the new MyDÜPERTHAL app, which can display process data on mobile end devices anywhere in the world at any time.

DÜPERTHAL Sicherheitstechnik offers system solutions for the process-optimized storage of chemicals and hazardous materials for research, development and production. Striving to meet its customers' specific requirements with tailor-made solutions, the company provides outstanding, certified products - not to mention an exceptional end-to-end service. As digitization advances, wide-ranging opportunities are opening up to develop this service further. That makes LABVOLUTION 2019 the perfect place for DÜPERTHAL to showcase its new MyDÜPERTHAL app, as the fair trains the spotlight on "The Integrated Lab".

MyDÜPERTHAL promises to provide safety experts with more knowledge and greater reproducibility and, most importantly, more mobility than ever before. Sensors placed on the smart safety storage cabinets provide a constant stream of process-related information, making day-to-day operations easier. MyDÜPERTHAL now pools this data centrally so it can be accessed via any mobile end device 24/7 across the globe. To complement the actual safety storage cabinet itself, the app depicts relevant process information virtually on a smartphone or tablet, with the quick scan function providing a real-time overview of all updated and stored process data.

DÜPERTHAL Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co.KG (63791 Karlstein, Germany), Hall 20, Stand D18
Contact: Uwe Wellmann
Tel.: +49 6188 9139-152
Mobile: +49 178 8866617
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Life sciences engineering 4.0
Besides production concepts for laboratory automation, Fraunhofer IPT's showcase at LABVOLUTION also includes solutions relating to microfluidic systems, automated high-speed microscopy for biological compounds, and the manufacture of surface structures for biomedical applications.

When it comes to life sciences engineering, the Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology (IPT) researches and develops pioneering technologies for almost every use imaginable. Working in interdisciplinary teams, the institute's engineering, biology and medical experts devise, among other things, concepts for automating laboratory processes in green, red and white biotechnology - from customized special-purpose measurement devices all the way to the automation of complex biological cell culture processes. The IPT is now using LABVOLUTION 2019 in Hannover to demonstrate solutions relating to microfluidic systems, the manufacture of surface structures for biomedical applications, and automated, high-speed microscopy for biological compounds.

The automated, high-speed microscopy method on show can be used to capture images of large objects such as cell culture vessels with microscopic precision in next to no time. Compounds are digitalized in one continuous scanning process using autofocus hardware and evaluated in real time using deep learning algorithms, with new control and display concepts such as data glasses helping make the task even easier.

To meet the growing demand for differentiated stem cells - for illness-related research as well as screening active ingredients - scientists at the IPT have developed new methods for pre-differentiating stem cells that use adhesion to guide cells directly onto specific, special nano- and microstructured surfaces. Surface structures play an important role in many other applications, however. Targeted functionalization, for example, can help prevent germ growth, improve implant integration or influence surface wettability. Microfluidic systems, meanwhile, can be used to map complex chemical, biological and medical tests from start to finish in the tightest of spaces. Such systems are already taking shape in the Fraunhofer Project Centre at Dublin City University (DCU) and are being manufactured in cooperation with Fraunhofer IPT.

Fraunhofer Institute for Production Technology IPT (52074 Aachen, Germany), Hall 20, Stand D70
Contact: Jelena Ochs
Tel.: +49 241 8904571
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A solution you can count on!
schuett-biotec GmbH is at LABVOLUTION 2019 to show off "colonyQuant". Comprising a CCD FireWire color camera with autozoom and autofocus, a light-proof sample chamber and specialist software, this system is designed to count bacterial colonies and phage plaques in a matter of seconds.

For more than 60 years, schuett-biotec GmbH has developed and produced top-quality laboratory technology carrying the "Made in Germany" seal of quality. Today, the company primarily specializes in manufacturing devices for biotechnology, microbiology, life sciences and cell culture. In addition to inoculation loop sterilizers, safety Bunsen burners for all kinds of annealing applications and roller incubators for cell cultures, the vast product portfolio from schuett-biotec features numerous custom solutions designed to make laboratory work easier. One shining example is the automated "colonyQuant" colony counter on show at LABVOLUTION 2019, which is due to receive a new software upgrade in time for the fair to modernize the user interface, offer automatic analysis options and ensure conformity with the FDA requirements in Title 21 CFR Part 11.

According to schuett-biotec, "colonyQuant" is tailored to the exact needs of a 21st-century microbiological laboratory. The software, for example, is designed to be user-friendly and count up to 1,000 colonies on different types of agar and nutrient disks in a matter of seconds. The key advantages this system offers include the option to quickly switch between saved methods, for example from colonies on agar in petri dishes to spiral plating or inhibition zone analysis. Colonies as small as 0.05 mm can be differentiated in terms of color, shape and size. The system can also count mixed cultures with up to eight colors simultaneously. What's more, a high-grade autofocus/autozoom 4k camera provides high-resolution live imaging, with cutting-edge LED light technology including a UV light source placing agar plates and nutrient disks in a high-contrast light that ensures color fidelity. As an added bonus, the device features an appealing design and compact footprint. The GLP-compliant "colonyQuant" is portable and allows users to choose between a German or English-language interface.

schuett-biotec GmbH (37079 Göttingen, Germany), Hall 20, Stand B22
Contact: Andrea Arndt
Tel.: +49 551 50410-0
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Long name - compact solution
The NanoPhotometer N120 multi-channel microvolume spectrophotometer is actually an impressively compact solution - and IMPLEN GmbH has it on show at LABVOLUTION 2019.

IMPLEN GmbH is renowned as a leading supplier of spectroscopy instruments and consumables for the non-destructive analysis of ultra-low volume samples. Focused on the needs of biological, chemical and pharmaceutical laboratories in industry and research, the company strives to ensure users benefit from comprehensive customer service, not to mention high-quality products such as the NanoPhotometer N120 multi-channel microvolume spectrophotometer it is exhibiting in Hannover.

Despite measuring just 20 x 20 cm, the highly compact NanoPhotometer N120 features a built-in touchscreen that is as easy to use as a PC or tablet. The N120 is designed to reliably scan up to twelve samples (200-900 nm) in just 20 seconds, measuring each one in a swift 1.7 seconds. Featuring a concentration range of 2 to 8,000 ng/µl (dsDNA), this innovation requires a mere 2 µl for each sample. The device can be kitted out with CFR 21-compliant software and user management functionality and is said to offer a whole host of options for integration into an existing network, extending as far as database incorporation or connection to a LIMS system. The maintenance-free NanoPhotometer N120 is ideal for high-throughput pharmaceutical or biotech laboratories that are subject to regulatory requirements.

IMPLEN GmbH (81829 Munich, Germany), Hall 20, Stand B53
Contact: Dr. Helena Funk
Tel.: +49 89 7263718-66
Mobile: +49 175 9367283
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A new spin on innovation
IKA is at LABVOLUTION 2019 to present no fewer than four new viscometers from its innovative ROTAVISC series.

Originally founded in 1910 as a pharmacy and hospital supplier, IKA has accumulated more than 100 years of experience in its sector. After leaving war-torn Cologne for the south German town of Staufen in 1942, the company quickly evolved into the world's market leader for laboratory technology and dispersing, stirring and kneading machines. Today, more than 900 employees work for IKA at eight locations spread across four continents. IKA is now at LABVOLUTION 2019 to present its innovative ROTAVISC series of viscometers.

The company's new ROTAVISC series is designed to make child’s play of determining the viscosity of liquids in all areas of application, with examples ranging from laboratory operations to quality control. The four newcomers in the ROTAVISC series each have their own viscosity measuring range, but are said to always deliver rapid and precise results - no matter whether it's a simple or demanding viscosity measurement. Each device comes complete with a standard spindle set (SP1-SP4), protective bracket, temperature sensor, quick connector, hook connector and ROTASTAND base.

IKA-Werke GmbH & Co. KG (79219 Staufen, Germany), Hall 20, Stand A46
Contact: Viktoria Großmann
Tel.: +49 7633 831-236
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Polishing Hanna's halo!
With LABVOLUTION 2019 training the spotlight on "The Integrated Lab", Hanna Instruments is adding the edge blu tablet-based pH meter, the Hanna Lab App and the brand-new HI10532 HALO electrode to its wireless Bluetooth measurement portfolio.

When Hanna Instruments launched the pHep (pH electronic paper) tester in 1986, it marked little short of a revolution in the world of analytics. Millions of people in all kinds of industries were suddenly able to check pH values easily and precisely at an affordable price. To this very day, this quantum leap lays the foundation for the company's deep-rooted philosophy for success - always supplying customers with practical, cost-effective solutions for their specific analytical needs. Sticking closely to this strategy has now made Hanna Instruments the world's largest owner-run analytical measurement technology business. At LABVOLUTION 2019, the company from Woonsocket (Rhode Island) in the United States is embracing the show's headline theme - The Integrated Lab - and adding the HI10532 HALO to its series of HALO electrodes.

The latest addition to the HALO family is a Bluetooth electrode that can turn mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets into fully fledged pH meters for the food industry. The HI10532 HALO thus complements the wide range of electrodes that Hanna Instruments supplies for all manner of applications. Measurements can be taken using the edge blu tablet-based pH meter, which is compatible with all HALO electrodes, or on an iOS or Android device with the free Hanna Lab App. This means pH values and temperatures can be measured precisely wherever and whenever required without any cable clutter. High-quality features such as low-temperature glass, a conical measuring tip and a triple ceramic junction are designed to ensure the HI10532 HALO, just like other products in the portfolio, produces stable and reliable measurements for the food sector.

Hanna Instruments Deutschland GmbH (89269 Vöhringen, Germany), Hall 20, Stand C39
Contact: Bettina Feiler
Tel.: +49 7306 3579-100
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Making pharmaceuticals go far - with the mobile biosafety lab
The Fraunhofer Institutes IBMT, FIT and SPT are at LABVOLUTION 2019 in Hannover to show how their mobile epidemiological BSL2 laboratory EpiLab can really get things moving in various biomedical and pharmaceutical applications.

The Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering IBMT, the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology FIT and the Fraunhofer Project Center for Stem Cell Process Engineering SPT have joined forces to produce a solution that covers everything from the cell to the mobile biosafety lab - the mobile EpiLab. Representatives from the biotech and pharmaceutical sectors have an ideal opportunity at LABVOLUTION 2019 to find out about the latest trends in laboratory technology and biotech.

The mobile EpiLab at LABVOLUTION 2019 is showcasing a number of areas, including automation solutions for workflows in stem cell process engineering; "Stabil-Ice", an innovative disposable product for the cultivation, differentiation and ice-free cryopreservation of adherent cell systems; toxicity tests using an organ-on-chip screening platform; automated monitoring and analysis of microbial growth in microtiter plates using a growth monitor; and mobile units up to biosafety level 3 (S3) for flexible, autonomous use regardless of location. During LABVOLUTION 2019, the mobile EpiLab is in Hall 20 at Stand C05 of the Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering IBMT, whose co-exhibitors are the Fraunhofer Institute FIT and the Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC.

Fraunhofer Institute for Biomedical Engineering IBMT (66280 Sulzbach, Germany), Hall 20, Stand C05
Contact: Markus Michel
Tel.: +49 6897 9071-111
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No experiments, please - at least not real ones!
GoSilico develops simulation software and methods for computer-based experiments in the hopes of significantly reducing resource consumption in the long term. The start-up is now at LABVOLUTION 2019 to unveil its new chromatography simulation software - ChromX.

As an up-and-coming start-up, GoSilico GmbH is always on the lookout for new recruits eager to develop cutting-edge simulation technology, thus ushering in the next generation of pharmaceutical bioprocesses. The company is very clear about its goals - it wants to replace more and more traditional approaches to scientific experiments with computer-assisted methods to help users save money and, above all, time. With this in mind, GoSilico is at LABVOLUTION 2019 to debut its innovative software solution - ChromX.

This simulation software aims to move chromatography experiments almost entirely from the lab to the computer. ChromX significantly reduces the number of lab experiments needed to initialize a computer model of a column, as all other experiments can be simulated by the software in silico afterwards. This approach is said to eliminate the need for up to 95% of practical lab experiments. Not only can this help process optimization and characterization - it is also said to improve quality and reduce risks. This makes the software perfect for in-silico process optimization, robustness studies and worst-case analyses.

GoSilico GmbH (76133 Karlsruhe, Germany), Hall 20, Stand A12/9
Contact: Dr. Thiemo Huuk
Tel.: +49 721 75401-692
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Nexxit, not Brexit!
BIMOS, Europe's leading manufacturer of industrial and laboratory chairs, is at LABVOLUTION to exhibit its Nexxit work chair. Developed to meet the specific requirements of a laboratory environment, the chair also aims to impress with its stylish, comfortable and robust design.

BIMOS is Europe's number one manufacturer of work chairs for industrial and laboratory use. Application-specific industrial and laboratory ergonomics, combined with outstanding design features that motivate staff and show they're appreciated, are intended to ensure a productive, pleasant and above all healthy sitting experience in any workplace. The BIMOS portfolio is split into five sections - production, ESD area, laboratory, cleanroom and standing work. The company offers highly specialized, flexibly adjustable solutions geared to the relevant applications and staff in all these areas. Created specifically with laboratory work in mind, the Nexxit chair BIMOS is exhibiting at LABVOLUTION 2019 is set to impress with its stylish, comfortable and robust design.

Special laboratory ergonomics and a synchronous mechanism with automatic weight regulation that is unique in the sector enable the chair to adapt automatically to the movements typically made in laboratories. The Nexxit backrest's three-level preselection makes it quick and easy to select the ideal position for any type of seated activity. Straightforward cleaning is just as important as ergonomics in laboratories. BIMOS has responded to this requirement with a choice of either soft artificial leather or robust integral foam upholstery. Both these antibacterial materials are easy to clean and offer excellent resistance to all standard cleaners and disinfectants. Renowned designer Volker Eysing created this highly impressive chair. His distinctive side handles not only get the Nexxit noticed, but also ensure excellent mobility and flexibility. Last but not least, the chair is incredibly robust, which is why BIMOS is more than happy to offer a ten-year warranty.

BIMOS Interstuhl Büromöbel GmbH & Co. KG (72469 Messstetten, Germany), Hall 20, Stand D53/1
Contact: Harald Morgenstern
Tel.: +49 7436 871111
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The Taiwanese turbo!
"Better Equipment, Better Research" is the motto of Blue-Ray Biotech. Visitors to LABVOLUTION can see for themselves whether this biotechnology start-up, which is exhibiting products including its TurboCycler 2 thermal cycler, truly lives up to this claim.

Based in the Taiwanese capital, Taipei, Blue-Ray Biotech aims to provide researchers worldwide with innovative and reliable products to further accelerate developments in biotechnology. The company focuses on developing, manufacturing and marketing cutting-edge equipment that is also capable of handling larger volumes. Combining to perfection its core areas of expertise - electronics and biotechnology - Blue-Ray Biotech has now successfully launched a number of high-performance premium products for liquid handling and DNA amplification/purification. Certified to ISO 9001, the company is also committed to ongoing investment in quality control and improvements to the R&D capabilities of its products. The TurboCycler 2 thermal cycler is just one of the innovations Blue-Ray Biotech is unveiling at LABVOLUTION 2019.

The TurboCycler 2 was specifically developed to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of the polymerase chain reaction (PCR). Boasting a 7 inch capacitive touchscreen and a user-friendly graphical user interface, the thermal cycler is designed to ensure incredibly intuitive operation. Its fast ramping rate and gradient PCR optimization are set to make PCR processing far more efficient and accurate. An optional Wi Fi module enables users to monitor the run status via mobile devices whenever required.

Blue-Ray Biotech Corp. (10456 Taipei, Taiwan), Hall 20, Stand C15
Contact: Tony Chen
Tel.: +886 2 86191206
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