09 - 11 May 2023 | INDUSTRY FORUM

Because the issues of the laboratory sector cannot be viewed in isolation from the rest of the world, the LAB Sustainability Summit, which will once again be held at LABVOLUTION, is becoming increasingly important.

The LAB Sustainability Summit, featured in cooperation with the Freiburg-based NIUB sustainability consultancy – NIUB stands for Nachhaltigkeit (sustainability), Informieren (inform), Umsetzen (implement), Begleiten (accompany) – will work together with LABVOLUTION visitors and exhibitors to find answers on how the laboratory sector can take responsibility for our society.The Summit will be held at the INDUSTRY FORUM in Hall 19/20.

The contributions that can be made in the laboratory to enable future generations to live in an ecologically healthy and fair world will thus become a central theme of LABVOLUTION 2023 in Hannover.