May 10, 2023 | 12:15 - 14:15 | INDUSTRY FORUM

Hall 20 | INDUSTRY FORUM (Stand D18)

In recent years, a new analysis method has caused a stir in the medical world, the so called „Liquid Biopsy“. With the help of this method using nucleic acid analyses, tumor DNA in blood or tumor cells can be detected. Instead of invasive sampling, a simple blood sample is sufficient to detect cancer.

The method is therefore also suitable for cancers for which a needle biopsy is risky, e.g. lung or brain tumors. For medics, tumor monitoring by means of liquid biopsy is also extremely interesting, as emerging resistance mutations and recurrent tumors can be detected at a very early stage, thus improving the patient's recovery by changing the specific therapy.

During the lectures organized with BioDeutschland , experts will provide insights into the potentials of liquid biopsy analysis and address the possibilities of liquid biopsy to improve personalized cancer treatment in a subsequent discussion.