LABVOLUTION 2019, 21 - 23 May
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Robotic cell culture: Automatic support for cell based screening

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Applications/Research Biotechnology, Laboratory workflow optimization, Robotics

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Many tests and screens in the modern life science laboratory rely on the use of live cells for conducting the tests. To have repeatable and reliable test results, these tests or screens have be conducted under standardized conditions, using materials, including cells, of high quality with minimum variations. Whilst many steps in testing and screening are automated, cell provision still relies in most instances on manual preparation of bulk cells, accompanied by normal variation due to manual input.
We present here the Compact SelecT, a system which copies manual cell culture, but can offer an unparalleled level of consistency and maintaining optimized cell production very long times.
The system utilizes normal cell culture practice, growing mammalian cells in T-flasks, incubated in cell culture incubators, but all the handling being undertaken by a robotic arm inside a biosafety hood.


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