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Bench-top autoclaves Systec D-Series

Logo Bench-top autoclaves Systec D-Series
Logo Bench-top autoclaves Systec D-Series

Product description

Three types with different performance categories
Systec DX
For all laboratory applications even for sophisticated state-of-the-art sterilization processes. With all possibilities to add additional options for process optimization to enable validatable sterilization to be carried out.
Systec DE
For basic laboratory applications and media sterilization. With limited possibilities to add additional options for process optimization.
Systec DB
For simple process applications. No options available for process optimization.

Sterilization of liquid media
Systec offers various standard and optional features for improved sterilization cycles with regards to accurate sterilization and safe handling of liquid media in bottles as well as for enhanced productivity.

Sterilization of hollow items
Typical hollow items are e.g. pipette tips (in boxes), empty glassware and waste in waste bags or porous loads such as filters or textiles. Here it is in particular important to remove all air from the items to achieve accurate, reproducible and validatable sterilization cycles.

Sterilization of biohazard products
For sterilization of biohazard products Systec autoclaves can be equipped with an optional exhaust filtration. It ensures that all gasses and fluids which might have a potential risk for the environment when exhausted during a sterilization cycle are either filtered or inline sterilized.

For documentation of sterilization cycles, several solutions are available.

Load handling
Systec load handling accessories ensure easy and ergonomic handling even of heavy items alongside an optimal usage of the available chamber capacity.

Additional services
Alongside with Systec's vast variety of autoclaves and options and accessories for state of the art sterilization applications, additional services are offered.

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