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Boost Purity of Recombinant and Therapeutic Products

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HL-Nuclease is a 28.4 kDa, cold-active, heat-labile endonuclease recombinantly produced in Escherichia
coli. Enzyme originates from the deep, cold seas psychrophile bacterium and displays high specificity to
all types of DNA and RNA substrates at different buffer conditions and broad range of temperatures. It
remains active at 0°C at the high-salt content environment and is particularly useful for removing
contaminating nucleic acids during purification of recombinant and therapeutic proteins in laboratory and
manufacturing workflows.
Designed to work at cold-temperature applications:
• Highly active in the broad range of temperatures (10-45°C).
Created for efficient nucleic acid digestion in the high salt environment:
• 100% nuclease activity in 500 mM NaCl.

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