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The brand Krystal from Porvair Sciences embraces micro assay plates with clear, glass, COP (Cyclo-Olefin-Copolymer) and quartz bottom.
Plates with clear bottom allow the observation of cell cultures with an inverse microscope or can be used for light emitting experiments, to measure through the bottom of the plate. The plates are available with 24-, 96- or 384-wells according to SBS / ANSI standard format and are made from high quality polystyrene. Opaque walls eliminate crosstalk between two wells. For fluorescence and luminescence applications, original Krystal 2000 plates are recommended with clear single wells in an opaque black matrix for minimizing background fluorescence or white matrix for maximal reflection in highly sensitive luminescence assays. Most plates are also available TC-treated, sterile or unsterile.
Krystal plates with glass bottom contain a biocompatible adhesive and are resistant against alcohol, DMSO and PBS. They have a high quality for optimal results in microscopy and measurements between wavelengths of 350 - 700 nm.
For applications where measurements in UV-light are necessary, Porvair Sciences offers the COP-bottom plates. Those plates are UV-transparent, highly planar and chemical resistant and have a very low auto fluorescence leading to an optical cut off at 220 nm.
Experiments which require a wide spectrum from 200 nm - 900 nm or even 190 nm - 900 nm can be performed with the help of quartz bottom plates. Due to their chemically durability, some quartz bottom plates can be autoclaved and reused for several assays. Furthermore, a plate with quartz bottom and screw-on lid is also available.

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