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Secondary Antibodies

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Exhibitor details
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Jackson ImmunoResearch specializes in the production of secondary antibodies. With over 30 years experience and a global reputation for the highest quality and reproducibility.

The JIR catalog includes thousands of secondary antibodies for the detection of mouse, rabbit, rat, human, goat, hamster, bovine, cat, chicken, dog, guinea pig, horse, sheep and swine primary antibodies. The comprehensive specificity options include antibody classes (IgG, IgM and IgA), specific for heavy and light chain, Fc fragment, or F(ab')2 fragment if required.

For certain applications Anti-Mouse IgG subclass specific, light-chain specific (for western blotting after immunoprecipitation) are available, as well as anti-Digoxin, anti-biotin, anti-FITC, and anti-HRP for signal enhancement.

Fluorescent conjugates cover the commonly used excitation sources and filter sets, including Alexa Fluors®, DyLight, Cyanine Dyes, FITC and more, (such as R-PE, APC and PerCP for flow cytometry). Other detection options include Biotin and enzymes (HRP and Alkaline Phosphatase).

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Anti-Camelid Secondary Antibodies
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