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SERVA Musketeer

All-In-One Gel Documentation System

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SERVA Electrophoresis

Exhibitor details
Exhibitor details
Logo SERVA Musketeer

Product description

The SERVA Musketeer is an advanced gel documentation system with user-friendly features, easy operation and quick response. This imaging system consists of a scientific CCD camera (16 bit,cooled -55 °C +/- 5 °C ambient, 6X6 Bin mode), motor driven lens, and white backlight board. The chemiluminescence treatment such as ECL can easily be observed and captured by the SERVA Musketeer and the fluorescence stains such as SEVA Lightning Red, SERVALight Sci3, Cy3, SYPRO Ruby, Alexa 546, Alexa 647, etc. excited by RGB

Followed the all-in-one design concept of a single workstation, the SERVA Musketeer works independently and does not require a separate computer to operate the system. The built-in touch screen LCD panel of the SERVA Musketeer can directly handle the entire imaging procedure without any difficulty. Moreover, the smart user-friendly interface and vivid icons on the SERVA Musketeer allow for capturing of the gel images quickly and easily. With SERVA Musketeer, you will experience a hassle free process of collecting the gel imaging data in your laboratory.

SERVA Musketeer is equipped with red, green, and blue LED transilluminator and epi lights and the appropriate filters. Thus, wide range of fluorescence applications may be processed through light source excitations:

Blue light applications: SERVA Lightning Red (1D, 2D), SERVA Purple, SERVA Lightning Sci2, Cy2, SERVA Fluo-R, SERVA DNA Stain Clear G, SYBR stains, SYPRO Ruby, FITC, ethidium bromide, etc.
Green light applications: SERVA Lightning Sci3, Cy3, AlexaG 546, AlexaG 555, AlexaG 568, Nile red, Rhodamine B, TRITC, etc.
Red light applications: SERVA Lightning Sci5, Cy5, AlexaG 647, AlexaG 660, allophycocyanin, TO-PROG-3, etc.
A UV and white light transilluminator as well as epi R/G/B/ and epi white light are installed.

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