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ExtractMe product series

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Fast and efficient isolation of nucleic acids from a wide range of biological materials.

The EXTRACTME kits are designed for rapid and efficient isolation of high quality DNA and RNA from various materials and purification of DNA fragments. The kits utilise a silica-based technique for selective nucleic acid isolation. The optimised reagents also remove impurities and enzyme inhibitors. The purified nucleic acids may be used directly in all downstream applications such as PCR, qPCR, RT-PCR, cloning, DNA sequencing, genotyping, DNA ligation, Southern and Northern blotting, etc.Each kit contains a set of reagents necessary for DNA/RNA purification, relevant enzymes, spin mini-columns with appropriate silica membranes and comprehensive Product Manual, which contains detailed isolation protocol and additional helpful information.EXTRACTME kits main features:pRapid and efficient purificationpHigh purity nucleic acids for qPCR analysis and DNA sequencingpExtended enzyme stabilitypCovers a wide range of starting material (and still expanding)pClear instructions, rich in useful informationHigh-quality nucleic acid extraction kits:

Rapid and reliable purification
Excellent results from a wide range of biological materials
Superior yield (very efficient extraction)
High purity (DNA free from trace PCR inhibitors)
Very convenient

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