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Rapi:chip™ PCR Chip for GENECHECKER®

New sample format makes HUGE difference.

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- Well volume is 10?l only, which helps faster heating and cooling.
- Bottom surface of chip is made of thin film for efficient heat transfer.
- Contamination free and transformation free.
- Two types of PCR chip for real-time analysis and thermal cycling

New PCR concept was born when precision molding technology met film bonding know-how.
The key for achieving ultra-fast gene amplification is rapid heating and cooling of the sample. Rapi:chip™ was developed from understanding of the challenges in routine PCR tasks. PCR duration could be dramatically reduced when efficient heat transfer is made during thermal cycling process. Genesystem's own technology of manufacturing precise 3-dimensional polymer chips leveraged by its film bonding know-how created new sample format, Rapi:chip™ for PCR applications. Sample is loaded into wide flat wells in the chip with the volume of 10?l. Bottom surface of Rapi:chip™ which is in tight contact with heat block is made of thin film so that efficient heat transfer from heat block to the sample in the chip is facilitated. As a certified manufacturer, Genesystem is manufacturing all Rapi:chip™ line of products in accordance with GMP guidelines.

Two types of PCR chip are supplied for real-time analysis and thermal cycling.
Rapi:chip™ is supplied in two formats. Standard version of chip has 10 wells and the top of each well is open for real-time analysis of fluorescence signal. Rapi:chip/16™ is a new version which can accommodate 16 samples in it and is ideal for amplifying more samples at once.

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