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Dr. Frank Schäfer


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Dr. Frank Schäfer, PhD, Managing Director BioEcho Life Sciences

Frank is co-founder and Managing Director of BioEcho Life Sciences where he is responsible for Business Development and Sales & Marketing.
Frank has 21 years of Biotech industry experience and held R&D and General Management positions and founded three Biotechnology companies. 
Frank is founder and shareholder of Cube Biotech, a provider for (membrane) protein services and consumables founded in 2012. Previously, Dr. Schäfer spent 16 years in various positions within the R&D department at Qiagen, Germany, where he headed business units responsible for protein production, genomics & NGS sample preparation and cancer assay development. 
He also spent 3 years with Caris Life Sciences (Phoenix, AZ, USA) where he led the Liquid Biopsy-based cancer diagnostics assay development and Caris' European operations. Dr. Schäfer is also the founder and Managing Director at FS Life Science Investment - a strategic and R&D consulting firm in Germany since July 2012.

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