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Tim Dale

EssenBioscience,  Tim Dale



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Tim co-founded the European laboratories of Essen BioScience in 2009 and is currently Director of Biology, managing R&D operations. A highly experienced industrial pharmacologist and leader with >20 years of service, Tim has a track record in applied drug discovery. Trained initially as a pharmacologist at Glaxo, he moved into ion channel drug discovery and cell-based assays in 1995 where he learned manual electrophysiology and plate-based fluorescence screening methods. Following the advent of automated patch-clamp Tim was instrumental to its adoption within GlaxoSmithKline. Focus included voltage-gated Na+, Ca2+ and K+, Ca2+-activated K+ and TRP channels. Appling his knowledge and expertise to drug discovery programs in the neurology, psychiatry and gastrointestinal therapeutic areas, he has contributed to the progression of a number of candidate molecules into clinical studies. Tim has co-authored over 20 publications and patents relating to pharmacology, ion channels and cell-based assays. Tim left his previous managerial position in ion channel reagents and assays at GlaxoSmithKline to head up the laboratory at Essen BioScience. Most recently, Tim is applying his many years of experience to extend the portfolio of cell-based applications utilising live-cell analysis in the fields of oncology, immunology and neuroscience.

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