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Novel sensors meet nutrient monitoring needs

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Monitoring of nutrients, like glucose and glutamine, is expected to play a vital role in future cell culture. The membrane technology developed by Jobst Technologies/IST AG combines the superior specificity of enzymatic sensors with a robust construction allowing for weeks-long continuous glucose monitoring either in- or on/at-line.
Biosensors are produced creating novel 4-membrane sensors by modifying the platinum electrodes and depositing light-curable nano-composite membranes and enzyme membranes. The devices (including the flow cell) are produced totally on wafer-level. A 100% wet-functional test on wafer level (along with unique device IDs) allows to push the accuracy limits of "calibration free" biosensors beyond the known batch calibration approaches. This eliminates the need for any calibration. Two types of biosensors will be presented, namely a strip type/dip-in biosensor (Product B.IV4) and a flow-through-biosensor (Product B.LV5) will be presented.


  Gerhard Jobst

Gerhard Jobst

Innovative Sensors Technology IST AG

Gerhard Jobst is a chemist with two decades experience in chemical sensing, standard and innovative micro-fabrication. Starting his career in 1986 at the Institute of biomedical microtechnology and sensorics ...

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