The individual eLabNext components eLabJournal, eLabInventory and eLabProtocols are intended to enable the comprehensive organization of laboratory processes. At the heart of the system is eLabJournal, an online laboratory logbook that can be used to record laboratory activities and document results. Processes can be visualized and all data can be managed and stored securely.

The eLabInventory software module provides cloud-based, customizable software for managing the workflow of sample, inventory and specimen tracking. Users can use eLabInventory to organize and optimize their labs, visualize their inventory, and manage complete audit trails. The component can be integrated with eLabJournal-ELN (Electronic Laboratory Notebook) or used separately.

Finally, the third component, eLabProtocols, is a fast and user-oriented system that makes it easy to manage standard operating procedures and design web-based protocols. Experiments can be planned step-by-step and provided with specific read-outs. Calculations can run digitally and integrated with protocols, which aims to reduce user-related errors. The Protocol Tool and eLabInventory are available both individually and integrated in eLabNext.

Especially for smaller laboratories or individual customers who do not want to invest in servers, the system offers cloud-based solutions that are individually configurable and fully protected. The process of laboratory optimization is supported not only by the eLabNext system, but also by an experienced support team of experts who provide active assistance to users in visualizing processes and improving workflows in the laboratory.