The pipetting process is not the only automatic process; the qPCR protocol data is also automatically generated and transferred to the MIC Magnetic Induction Cycler. Data export or import of sample names, assays and PCR profiles between the systems is no longer necessary, according to Biozym Scientific GmbH.

Weighing just ten kilograms and with a footprint of less than 1700 cm², the Myra Liquid Handling System is only half the size of other liquid handling systems used in this category, according to its developers. Myra comes with UV LEDs and a compact HEPA filter to ensure the cleanest possible qPCR environment for setups. With an integrated miniature camera and advanced visualization technology, it also ensures time saving calibration of plates and tubes. With an optical marking of the center of respective wells, calibration is already complete, claim Myra developers.

Finally, the pipetting system is designed to guarantee the highest accuracy and precision at the cutting edge of technology - with advanced motion control, integrated camera and a pipetting monitoring system, optimal results are guaranteed. Since a miniature pressure sensor is integrated directly into the pipetting head, both level measurement with conventional tips and real-time monitoring of the aspiration and dispensing process in search of errors should be possible. To ensure that everyone benefits from the numerous advantages for a long time to come, the Myra developers focused on a sustainable design. For example, the system was developed for easy upgradability and should also be pre-configured for upgrades.