Düperthal Sicherheitstechnik GmbH & Co. KG develops system solutions for the process-optimized storage of chemicals and hazardous materials for research, development and production, with a focus on customized solutions designed for specific requirements. It's therefore no surprise that the Bavaria-based company is known for both high-quality, certified products and excellent end-to-end service. The Cabi2Net system that Düperthal is showcasing at LABVOLUTION 2017 is set to revolutionize centralized control for work processes.

Cabi2Net uses current data and intelligent networking to help organize the value chain as efficiently as possible. Information on fill levels or faults, for instance, can be called up online via a web interface on any device. What’s more, the system is easily scalable and can be integrated into standard building automation structures. Thanks to the many options Cabi2Net provides for combining a wide range of sensors, all relevant operating parameters can be monitored constantly. Various systems for further processing data and information can also be controlled to ensure stable and secure processes in the workplace. Ultimately, using Cabi2Net to record and evaluate all relevant parameters means that work processes can be more flexible and the internal value chain can be organized more efficiently. Düperthal is also keen to emphasize that this is the first time safety storage cabinets can be linked together in a network, making it easy to access all key information on the operating status of the cabinets via a smartphone, tablet or PC - from anywhere in the world with an Internet connection.