ELGA is the global laboratory water brand of Veolia Water Technologies, a specialist in laboratory water preparation solutions for research and analysis, clinical diagnostics and health care for the past 80 years. ELGA systems are well known as a reliable and extremely cost-effective means of producing pure and ultra-pure water for all applications. What's more, they have received multiple awards for their convenient and intuitive operating systems. After all, their special modular concept offers laboratories the kind of versatile and space-saving options that leave room for later expansion.

Anyone who'd like to learn more about the right water quality for their own applications should pay a visit to Veolia Water Technologies Deutschland GmbH at the Lower Saxony Ministry of Science stand, where it is showcasing the new ELGA modular laboratory water systems. The stars of the show are the two new developments PURELAB Chorus 1 Complete and PURELAB Chorus 2+. The PURELAB Chorus 1 Complete is designed as an end-to-end solution for producing ultra-pure water directly from tap water, which is ideal for laboratories that require up to 100 liters of ultra-pure water (18.2 megohm cm) per day. Thanks to the straightforward, ergonomic and extremely user-friendly design of the PURELAB Chorus 1 Complete, water can be drawn either directly from the system or from an optional bolt-on halo dispenser. The distinguishing features of this new device are its full recirculation, integrated filtration and wide range of output options.

Its stablemate, the PURELAB Chorus 2+, is designed for higher bacterial and inorganic quality >15 megohm cm for sensitive analytical and life sciences applications that go beyond regular laboratory tasks. The PURELAB Chorus 2+ is available in two versions, which thanks to their full recirculation both guarantee consistent water purity - the PURELAB Chorus 2+ (RO/DI/UV) for purifying tap water into type II+ pure water for laboratories requiring up to 100 liters per day, and the PURELAB Chorus 2+ (RO/EDI/UV), which thanks to integrated EDI technology offers a cost-effective solution for laboratories that consume high volumes of water.