ASSAYMATIC GmbH was founded with the aim of developing innovative solutions for processing samples in test tubes and vials. The Leipzig-based company is equipped with solid expertise in handling test vessels ranging in size from 0.3 to 50 ml. The expert team channels its combined skills into developing solutions for HPLC, GC and - most recently - biobanking applications. The systems are designed in modular form so as to be configurable and adaptable to meet customers’ precise requirements by automatically replicating the exact workflow that would normally be performed by hand. The team’s software and production expertise enables the company to produce highly customized applications.

The IVARO BioBank that the company is showcasing at LABVOLUTION 2017 in Hannover looks set to take the market by storm as a desktop device for performing fully automated aliquoting processes on blood and other biomaterial samples in cryogenic vials. The special feature of this innovative equipment is its ability to replicate the entire workflow for processing samples - even opening and re-sealing the primary and secondary test vessels. Developer ASSAYMATIC GmbH points out that the IVARO BioBank is capable of performing end-to-end sample tracking and then feeding information output into a downstream LIM system and even offers a cooling option and the possibility of photographing the original test sample.