Based in Asbach, Germany, and celebrating 35 years in business, Dunn Labortechnik GmbH has made itself a name in the sector by offering skilled advice, dependable service, high-quality specialist products and rapid delivery. Among the numerous products the company is showcasing in Hannover is the CrysCam UV from Art Robbins Instruments, a digital microscope that automatically scans 96-well plates and captures a visual and UV image (334 nm and 365 nm) of all wells and sub-wells.

The key feature is that the visual and UV image for all wells can be simultaneously displayed and compared in parallel for each individual well. The CrysCam UV is designed to be ideal for protein crystallography, since droplets can even be captured on a nano scale. Particularly large crystals can be imaged using the "deep field slicing" function, which captures multiple images at different levels and merges them into a single high-resolution image. The camera of the CrysCam UV, an Artemis VS60, stays focused even when zooming and can view individual wells with or without polarizer. The resolution of the Artemis VS60 (2750 x 2250 pixels) supplies excellent digital pictures at 2.37 microns/pixel. The device is compatible with all SBS-format and Linbro plates and is equipped with an integrated cooling function to set temperatures down to as low as -10 °C and an enclosure that blocks any stray light.