VITLAB is a leading manufacturer of plastic laboratory products and liquid handling instruments. The high-quality laboratory equipment developed and manufactured at its own production facilities is used all over the world. To facilitate the future handling of light-sensitive substances - such as the silver salts, iodine solutions and pharmaceutical active ingredients used in numerous laboratory applications - VITLAB has now unveiled its UV-protect volumetric flasks as an innovative alternative to amber glass flasks and conventional, amber-colored plastic containers.

To protect these substances as effectively as possible against light irradiation, the UV and light protection offered by VITLAB UV-protect volumetric flasks covers the entire spectral range from 200 to 900 nanometers - right up to the flask's opening. At the same time, UV-protect flasks are impressively transparent, so the meniscus can be set precisely at the ring mark. A further advantage is their superior break resistance to products made of glass. The polymethylpentene (PMP) used to make the new flasks also combines very good chemical resistance with excellent temperature stability. This means they are also suitable for use in biological laboratories, where products are regularly autoclaved at 121 degrees Celsius prior to use. VITLAB UV-protect volumetric flasks are available in seven different sizes ranging from 10 to 1,000 milliliters, all with DIN EN ISO 1042 Class A accuracy.

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