Andrew Alliance, a certified CO2-neutral company, is committed to working with the research community to develop a new class of easy-to-use robots and networked devices that ensure repeatability, performance and efficiency for 21st-century biology laboratory experiments. This new generation of powerful, robust and user-friendly robots is said to deliver dramatically enhanced repeatability, performance and speed in liquid handling. The company has been pursuing this approach since it launched its ANDREW robot back in 2013 - with impressive results. This is confirmed not just by numerous independent awards but also by positive feedback from hundreds of pharmaceutical, diagnostic and academic laboratories throughout the world, as ANDREW eliminates routine pipetting errors and time-consuming manual work.

At LABVOLUTION 2019, Andrew Alliance from Switzerland is premiering ANDREW's successor, ANDREW+, whose pioneering new design was partly inspired by user feedback from the past six years. ANDREW+ enables fully automated pipetting and more complex handling with a wide range of DOMINO+ accessories and electronic pipettes from Andrew Alliance. It executes OneLab protocols and actively helps in transitioning quickly and smoothly from laborious manual processes to error-free, automated workflows.