Founded in 2017, pantaBio is on a mission to enhance quality and efficiency in biological research. The start-up has therefore launched an intelligent laboratory service that is designed to ensure biological and biochemical assays can be performed in an automated process for projects of any size. The developers from pantaBio promise no less than next-generation research services for the life sciences industry. Their cutting-edge yet low-cost Cloud Lab platform is designed to be as intuitive as an app and - by using laboratory automation, machine learning and expert systems - ensure excellent quality and reproducibility of results.

The Cloud Lab, which can be operated from anywhere and at any time, almost completely eliminates the need for pen and paper, with users mapping out and ordering experiments online. pantaBio then performs the experiments at its in-house laboratory and soon after the results can be accessed as a digital download. What’s more, intelligent algorithms that help develop and optimize robust and standardized protocols based on customer-specific requirements are said make for a speedy process.

pantaBio AG (70569 Stuttgart, Germany)