BMG LABTECH is one of the technological leaders in its specialist field of developing and manufacturing multi-mode microplate readers. The company has spent more than a quarter of a century developing innovative technologies tuned to the high-throughput screening needs of its customers in life sciences. The plate readers are all developed and manufactured at its headquarters in Ortenberg, including the PHERAstar FSX, which BMG LABTECH is rolling out at LABVOLUTION 2017 in Hannover as the new gold standard reader for high-throughput screening.

The PHERAstar FSX is based on the successful PHERAstar FS platform but has a series of unique new features aimed at raising it head and shoulders above all existing HTS readers. BMG LABTECH says its exceptional sensitivity and speed in reading fluorescence intensity (FI) and fluorescence polarization (FP) make the PHERAstar FSX the most sensitive plate reader on the market. Not only that, but the reader covers a much larger measuring range for luminescence, which achieves greater measuring precision and makes it more versatile. In response to screening facilities' never-ending quest to boost efficiency and cut costs by maximizing their throughput while simultaneously minimizing sample volumes, BMG LABTECH has acted as the driving force in recent years behind ongoing developments in Simultaneous Dual Emission (SDE) technology. This technology is crucial to both the PHERAstar FSX, and now also the AlphaPlex, in boosting the throughput enormously and halving measuring times.

The PHERAstar FSX owes its exceptional sensitivity to an innovative optical system consisting of three different light sources. It is equipped with the next generation of TRF/TR-FRET lasers for unbeatable performance in all kinds of assays. These deliver up to 60 light pulses per second, which not only boosts throughput but should also improve measuring accuracy for all plate formats.