Systec GmbH - a leading manufacturer of autoclaves - and Evidencia GmbH - a fledgling, innovative service provider for autoclave qualification and process validation - are at LABVOLUTION 2019 in Hannover to reveal their flourishing new partnership. Besides seizing the great opportunity this flagship fair for lab equipment offers to showcase their know-how to a global audience, both companies hope to share and gain insights on a wide range of topics related to cutting-edge developments and laboratory workflow optimization.

Also eager to show the great effort it continues to plow into its core business, Systec is additionally showcasing more than 70 types of both tabletop and standing autoclaves at this year's LABVOLUTION, featuring chamber volumes from 23 to 1,580 liters. Visitors can explore Systec’s Mediaprep range of media preparators too, which are designed exclusively for culture media production.