Besides its own "VWR Collection" brand, the portfolio offered by VWR International GmbH contains only superior-quality products from well-known manufacturers that are designed to meet the most stringent performance and productivity demands in the pharmaceutical sector, biotechnology, medical engineering, the semiconductor industry, electronics and research and development. The new InCellis cell imager digital microscope from French manufacturer Bertin Instruments that VWR International GmbH is unveiling at LABVOLUTION 2017 is no exception - and the trading company from Darmstadt promises it sure has the "wow" factor!

This mighty claim for the InCellis cell imager digital microscope stems from its unique sensitivity to brightfield, phase contrast and fluorescence. Its low-light CMOS color sensor (1280 x 1024 pixels) ensures true color information, maximum light sensitivity and minimum background. It has motorized fluorescent light modules for up to four simultaneous fluorescence channels and all current dyes, and its long-life LEDs will activate fluorescent dyes for more than 50,000 hours. The bright, touch-sensitive, 17-inch color display has a resolution of 1280x1024 pixels, is waterproof and can be adjusted to various angles. A wide range of lenses are available for the motorized, rotating sextuple nosepiece (4 - 60x, Olympus) to focus on brightfield, phase contrast, fluorescence and culture vessels/plates and slides. This impressive combination of features makes the InCellis cell imaging system a smart investment for high-quality, publishable images of cells or tissue sections in all standard formats of vessel or slide. Its exceptionally light-sensitive CMOS color sensor with 'chameleon' technology and optimized proprietary beam paths can produce extremely high-quality images of even the weakest fluorescence signals and true brightfield colors.